Need More Storage This Christmas? Shelving Is The Perfect Storage Solution

Christmas is upon us, which means lots of extra clutter around the house. One place to store items is often the garage, which can turn into a dumping ground. If that’s the case for you, maybe it’s time to think about a proper storage solution.

Cutting down on the clutter

Lots of people have many items in their homes that just don’t seem to have their own place. We tend to have boxes and shelves to keep ‘stuff’ in, but it all just seems to overflow.

Shelving can be a great way to organise your possessions and reduce clutter. The type of shelf used will be determined by the type and amount of materials you need to store.

Using shelving as a storage solution will help you take control of the clutter and chaos in your home. With many styles, sizes and lengths available, Monarch Shelving will help you find the best solution for your storage needs.

Fast, efficient storage

Shelves and shelving units are quick to install and can be found in many different styles and designs. There are plenty of types of decorative shelving units and fold away storage shelves available. By coming direct to the suppliers, we can beat the prices of those on the High Street, and you are also guaranteed a better quality product as well.

Shelving units are not only essential for indoor use; but also work great in garages, sheds, and small workshops. Where are you going to put all of your leftover paint? Where are you going to put all of those “extra parts” that you’ve accumulated throughout the years? Try the complete shelving systems available at Monarch Shelving.

Outdoor Shelving for Garages, Sheds and Small Workshops

Free standing shelves are the most popular type of shelving that are used for garages, sheds, and small workshops. These shelves are usually steel and very sturdy, allowing you to store almost any items you need. There are many sizes and types of shelves to choose from. From any length, width, or number of shelves that best suits your needs.

Most steel shelves are very durable and can hold up to 2000 pounds per shelf. It is important to purchase shelves that do not twist or tip when holding tools and supplies in a garage or workshop.

Heavy Duty Plastic Shelving

Another type of shelving that is commonly used as a storage solution, is a heavy duty plastic shelf. These also come in almost any height or width; but typically do not hold as much weight as steel shelves do.

Most heavy duty plastic shelves hold about 200 pounds per shelf. The plastic is usually well ventilated and easier to clean. These shelves are ideal for holding numerous storage totes.

Another great fit for shelving storage in your garage or small workshop is shelving that fits many small drawers. This is another popular fit for garages. The small drawers hold all of the small bits, nuts, and bolts that have been accumulated. There are shelving units that have up to 40 drawers and can be used for all kinds of items.

Cut Out the Clutter This Christmas

Want to give yourself the Christmas present of a clutter free house? Shelves are an excellent way to do this. They remove unwanted clutter and keep the inside and outside of your home looking organised and orderly.

The most convenient shelves are freestanding but there are many that can be mounted on the wall. They come in all lengths and widths, and are very durable.

Monarch Shelving will provide you with high quality, used shelving this Christmas for all your storage needs. Give us a call today.

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