Archive Storage: The Best Solution

When you are a business owner (or even a private individual), you will build up a lot of important documents that need protecting and preserving for the future. Whilst many try to push things to a digital spectrum when it comes to documentation, many business owners choose to keep physical copies, just in case you should lose all of your digital files in an incident.

Items like company accounts, employee information and other pressing business documents need to be kept in a safe place – but many business owners don’t have an option and tend to box them in a cupboard with no real organisation.

Use Filing Cabinets

Sure, it may sound obvious to most people running a business, but you would be surprised how many business owners overlook the simplest solutions.

Filing cabinets can be bulky objects, but they are a means to an end and the easiest way to categorise your documentation into easy-to-find locations. The construction and design of filing cabinets are made to be fully effective against water damage, sunlight and any insect or vermin infestation that may invade your business premises.

You can use the drawers of a filing cabinet to split archived files and items into categories of relevance, finding it much easier to pull out the relevant information when you need it.

Archive Storage Racking

Sometimes filing cabinets will fall short of your needs for storage of important documents. The second option would be archive storage racking units.

This product is specifically designed to store and organise those objects of importance and do it in a way that is cost-effective, strong and durable and a long-term solution for your business. It is a proven perfect model for the storage of a business’s vital documentation so that it is not compromised.

You can use archive storage racking to fill multiple rows of boxed-up documents, files, photographs, case files, employee documentation and records and other business files for decades, having them stored perfectly without any ruin.

Commercial Shelving

For individual rooms that could utilise storage space, commercial shelving is a great option that takes away the use of filing cabinets and larger racking alternatives in favour of something more structured to the area.

Using commercial shelving in designated spaces is perfect for storing multiple boxes and other items in a neat and organised fashion. Plus, it does not break the ban to fit out an area with regular or ceiling-tall shelving options.

If you want to keep your documentation organised but do not know the best warehouse storage equipment to use, contact the team at Monarch Shelving today.

Disorganisation and The Costs On Your Business

A disorganised warehouse produces significant costs on your business, which provides a ripple effect of negative impacts. It can be one of the most frustrating aspects of running a hectically paced warehouse where the stock moves in and out in a never-ending cycle.

Whilst it can be hard to take time off to rectify these problems in one go, there are gradual steps that should be taken to get you into a state or organisation.

The Costs of Disorganisation

Some of the associated costs in having a disorganised warehouse include lost or damaged inventory. When a warehouse falls into this state, there is increased difficulty in locating items which reduce the time and productivity of your workforce.

When employees cannot find what they need, there is a build-up of wasted time and reduced productivity that can elevate your labour costs as your employees take a longer period to do their job. From there, it starts a ripple effect that affects your customer satisfaction down the line as orders are fulfilled slowly or inaccurately – a direct result of disorganisation.

A cluttered warehouse often takes the route of requiring additional storage space that will increase costs in rental or ownership. The costs associated can be significant to the company’s bottom line, which highlights the reasons for organisation as a critical measure for your business.

Boosting Productivity Through Organisation

A tidy warehouse significantly boosts your productivity and efficiency levels, which plays a key role in improving your business performance and competitive advantage.

A cluttered warehouse is hazardous and provides every opportunity for falling and tripping. Structured organisation in keeping work areas clean and tidy reduces those risks, and provides more emphasis on helping employees find what they need without confusion – which improves their time and productivity.

Better inventory management through tailored pallet racking or commercial shelving makes things easier in tracking and managing inventory. With a clear view of what is on hand, companies can make informed decisions around stocking and restocking, helping to improve management.

Improved Efficiency

When your warehouse is well-organised, your order fulfilment speed is improved and your errors are reduced, which helps to keep your customers happy – especially when it comes to e-commerce.

When you have the proper warehouse storage equipment and an established strategy for the organisation, your business can create a safer, more efficient and customer-friendly image which puts you at the higher end of the competitive marketplace.

Contact the team at Monarch Shelving today for all office equipment Manchester, industrial storage racks and shelving needs for your business and keep things clean.

Working With Awkward Warehouse Space

Are you working with warehouse storage equipment that does not make the most of the awkward warehouse space? You are among many business owners who face this hassle and have little to no idea of how to rectify and maximise the potential of that area.

At Monarch Shelving, we provide commercial shelving installation for warehouses of all shapes and sizes so that the most can be made of space and storage capacity. We aim to make businesses of all sizes more efficient and productive through our expertise.

Storage Predicament

Most business owners we converse with have, at one time or another, been faced with diminished storage space. That has been especially true when their businesses are growing and the current space has been viewed as not fit for purpose.

Many company owners consider installing warehouse shelving but find the main problem they face is not having a lot of that extra square footage required. There are plenty of options still open in this scenario, presenting great ways to utilise that awkward space whilst boosting your productivity.

Maximising your pallet racking options is crucial when you operate a busy warehouse. Accessibility needs to be a key consideration with either steps or forklift operation for easy handling.

Attention to the Basics

Awkward spaces require even more attention to the basics such as size and shape, as well as weight classifications for shipping purposes. These need to be high in consideration in storing valuable packages or machinery in confined areas that do not offer much in the way of the leftover room after construction.

In pallet racking, you need space and stability for it to be effective. The weight can make storage difficult without good design features from an engineering perspective. The best way around this problem is to employ innovative shelving systems that combine strength and maximum shelf area for a minimum footprint.

Some shelving can be installed in narrow spaces, as well as more vertical storage options. These shelving options allow for better mixing and matching to create different solutions for awkward spaces.

Health and Safety First

When creating commercial shelving or pallet racking systems for those awkward spaces, you will need to put extra emphasis on the health and safety of employees.

The storage layout needs to meet rigorous warehouse standards, rules and regulations. You cannot just have any system built without adhering to the guidelines – make sure that you engage with a professional in warehouse storage equipment that protects you from fault.

Monarch Shelving is a commercial shelving and industrial storage racks specialist that can help in making the best use of your awkward storage space, helping to boost both capacity and productivity. Contact our expert team today for more.

Why Would My Racking System Collapse?

In the event of a pallet racking system collapse, it causes hundreds and thousands of pounds worth of loss and damage to stock, grinding the business to a full stop and potentially causing serious injury to staff and anybody present when the incident occurs.

In the majority of cases, pallet-racking incidents of this nature are fully preventable. It tends to happen due to a combination of bad practices, poor quality or maintenance of the system or improper training being given to staff.

As mentioned, it is preventable from ever happening for the most part. The risks and causes – and the measures implemented to prevent it from happening – are worth looking into now before it is too late.

The Risks

As well as the most serious aspect – the risk to life – pallet racking collapse poses many other risks to businesses and operatives.

As well as severe injury caused by a collapse, the only instance that could be worse is a death caused by the incident. That is one of the worst scenarios to play out because of negligence with your industrial storage racks. Secondary but no less serious is the fines that you will incur. Under PUWER (Provision of Work Equipment Regulations), a failure to keep working equipment in safe and working order will result in large fines and potential prosecution from HSE.

Stock will almost certainly be a complete write-off as a result of a racking collapse, leaving your reputation with your client tarnished. In addition to the time taken to clear the debris and start a full clean-up operation, HSE may launch an investigation into the collapse which could halt operations further – resulting in customer orders not being fulfilled and contracts lost because of the negative impact caused by your negligence.

The Causes

Collision from forklift operators is one of the most common causes of pallet racking collapse. It happens when improper training with the drivers is obvious. Everyone has seen the famous video of a careless forklift operator causing an entire bay to crumble to the ground from clipping the racking when carrying a wide pallet through.

When a racking system is overloaded beyond its limit, there is a very good chance that a collapse is imminent. Additionally, overloading racking systems are more prone to structural damage and collapse caused by collisions when they get struck.

Even with the best safety measures in place, a racking system can collapse as a result of negligence by your staff. Cutting back on safety training can be very costly. Every staff member should know when to report a collision or something that looks like it has been compromised.

If you are responsible for the maintenance of your pallet racking within your business, you need to ensure it is well-maintained and compliant. Contact the team at Monarch Shelving today to ensure that your warehouse storage equipment is perfectly protected for your business operations.

Is New Pallet Racking a Solid Investment?

In a busy warehouse environment, inventory and various types of equipment can make your space crowded in rapid order, especially during peak operating hours.

That is why a pallet-racking system becomes a solid investment for your company, working brilliantly for your business in your storage needs whilst you manage inventory alongside your shipping and processing.

Why Invest in a New System?

When running a warehouse, you need to constantly monitor how much space you have to have a better grasp of your inventory. By using industrial storage racks, you can maximise that space no matter how small it is.

A pallet-racking setup conserves the space by utilizing vertical space instead of additional floor real estate in the facility. The system is designed to make it extremely simple to store items with better accessibility for forklifts to reach. pallet racking takes into account the safety of those who use it, is made from high-quality materials and is constantly tested and checked so that it can continuously store the weight expected from it.

Due to how pallet racking is designed, it is less likely to fall or collapse in a simple fashion which reduces workplace accidents.

Giving Back

Thanks to the way that pallet racks are arranged, every item in your inventory can be successfully stored in a neat and accessible fashion. That makes for a hassle-free working pace for your workforce.

Racking is traditionally made from high-quality steel for a long lifespan. That makes pallet racking a worthwhile investment that offers maximum space and weight value, efficiently storing and removing items in a way that greatly benefits productivity. Your productivity is bolstered because of a new sense of convenience, getting things done faster without being a safety concern.

Consult With Specialists

As every warehouse layout has its distinct traits, every piece of warehouse storage equipment has to be designed to match that layout. That is why you should not buy any second-hand system that is not fit for your premises.

Consulting with a pallet racking supplier, who can design a system based on your workplace parameters. Having a specialist fully map out your available space and identify any areas that would require adaptation for the system saves your company a fortune over the system lifespan – and prevents any instance where a racking accident or collapse could occur.

Pallet racking is a great investment for your business, and you should always opt to buy new from a professional in warehouse storage solutions. Contact the team at Monarch Shelving today to learn more.

Larger Racking Projects

General pallet-racking projects can be pretty grand in scope, but they are nothing compared to larger racking projects that are a sight to behold. Naturally, with a much larger scope, there comes a much larger level of planning, detail and care that has to be taken on board to protect the longevity of such an investment.

Whilst many warehouse owners would believe that such a grand structure would be too much in the way of cost, it creates more avenues for additional storage – meaning you have more potential to stock for additional clients or bump up your rates due to the available capacity.

Considerations To Ponder

If you are planning a larger scale for warehouse storage equipment or industrial storage racks requirement, take a step back and evaluate the financial investment as well as the opportunities presented by going to a larger scale on your project.

Your supplier for the pallet racking should be able to answer the essential queries around such a system. The main answer should come in the form of whether you will need the larger scale model presently, or will need it in the near future. No company wants to design and install a pallet racking system that does not get you a decent return on your investment.

The designer will be able to determine all risks and design challenges within your specific structure to ensure that the premises can withstand the scope of the project, including considerations for roof lighting and ventilation and aisle space for operation.

Alternative Use For Space

A qualified designer and installer for pallet racking will work closely to provide the very best solution. This will include recommending against the system if it is deemed impractical for your needs.

A racking specialist may very well recommend commercial shelving in place of a larger-scale racking installation – especially if your stock has inconsistent loads throughout the year. It may make more sense to shift smaller stock to a separate area decked with shelving that suits it than having everything occupy the racking bays.

Determining the Need

On the other hand, if stock is majorly consistent throughout all seasons, larger racking systems can access the maximum ceiling height to benefit from the greater amounts of stock flow all year.

The best way to determine the exact needs of your warehouse layout is to talk with experts in pallet racking and commercial shelving. You may require one or the other or a combination of both. The only way to get an accurate fulfilment of your needs is by consulting an expert at Monarch Shelving.

Call our dedicated team today to evaluate your warehouse needs and solutions.

Pallet Racking: What’s the Benefit?

Owning a smaller warehouse can present a lot of logistical challenges that affect your ideal operational layout. Many smaller warehouse businesses suffer from disorganisation because of the limits imposed on them with smaller space for larger stock loads. The answer to many smaller warehouse operations is not within the space you have, but in the way that your storage is utilised. The way to attain this solution is with pallet racking. So what are the benefits of pallet racking?

Racking Solution

Industrial storage racks are unique and ideal for a vast array of markets – from retail storage to manufacturing facilities. These solutions are designed for the storage of higher volumes and higher density of bulk inventory.

The benefits of a well-designed, reinforced and securely fitted racking system prove to be one of the most invaluable assets to your business. To do that, it comes in many different forms that apply to each type of business sector. Adjustable pallet racking is a typical system with wide-aisle access for quick and simple work with individual packages. Drive-in pallet racking is designed for increased storage capacity and efficiency, ideal for bulk storage.

Narrow aisle pallet racking allows for maximised use of space with increased efficiency and minimised rack damage – whilst mobile pallet racking has a movable base that allows you to utilise dead space in the warehouse and increase capacity by 80% in most cases. Additionally, there is live storage racking which is ideal for stock rotation and use in limited space.

Space Saving

Utilising your space is the major factor that businesses have in mind when pallet racking is considered. It makes economic sense to use every square inch of your warehouse, enabling you to meet higher customer demand and increase your overall profits.

Instead of the unnecessary expense of space renovation or relocation to a larger warehouse, pallet racking provides use of that unused vertical space that can truly benefit your business. This helps you to both clear up your warehouse storage area as well as make room for increased demand.

Access and Convenience

If you don’t have an optimised storage system, access to your stored pallets will be a challenge throughout its use. Pallet racking is specifically designed to make your workplace operations easier and make your process more smooth.

Each system needs to be easily accessible by forklift so that items can be moved, lowered and accessed without any incident. The business is more productive when items can be easily located and your turnaround is much quicker as a result.

Even with a smaller warehouse in operation, you stand to double your potential with pallet racking and assorted warehouse storage equipment options. Contact the team at Monarch Shelving today for all warehouse storage.

Would My Warehouse Require Shelving as Well As Racking?

Commercial shelving is an incredibly versatile and effective way of getting additional storage that does not clog up your available space in a warehouse. Many business owners do not understand the benefits this warehouse storage equipment provides or the difference it makes for both storage and staff productivity.

What is Commercial Shelving?

If you need to store small to medium-sized products within a warehouse – commercial shelving is the perfect solution. This shelving is a specialist piece of equipment that effortlessly holds hand-picked items in boxes, drums and larger cartons to keep them from getting mixed up and damaged with your larger pallet racking stock.

It is available in a wide range of heights, widths and depths and made from steel decking, mesh or chipboard – or a combination of either to suit specific warehouse requirements.

What It Stores

Some items are not practical for occupying pallet racking in your main warehouse space – but they find a more suitable home on commercial shelving. Items with odd shapes, extreme fragility or of bulkier dimensions are not always movable by forklift or conveyor belts, as well as products like batteries, tyres, office supplies and piping. These products can be securely placed on commercial shelving in a safe space all of their own.

The big advantage you have with commercial shelving comes in the versatility in storing so many different items of shape and size, giving them a space of their own so that they do not affect the general warehouse space and storage.

No matter what you store on commercial shelving, they need to be manually moved following HSE guidelines.

The Benefit of Shelving

Along with what we have already covered, commercial shelving offers a wave of advantages for your premises. One is that you can have custom designs to provide the very best storage solution to your specific needs and that the system created will be easy and fast to assemble on-site.

Commercial shelving is highly versatile and allows for immediate access to every unit load and is a great way to improve and utilise all of the available space you have on your premises.

For more information on all warehouse storage equipment and industrial storage racks, contact the team at Monarch Shelving today and discover the benefits.

Expansion Through Commercial Shelving

Do you have plans to expand your business? If the answer is yes, you may discover that expand your shelving is the better alternative if you want to keep additional paperwork or stock over moving your entire operation to a larger warehouse space.

Storing and stacking your files and stock is a precarious task in ensuring that they don’t get damaged and you retain ease in accessibility. If you have a pallet racking system that has a large mixture of stock that is starting to get disorganised through cramped available space, commercial shelving may be the ultimate addition to your existing warehouse for smaller items.

Commercial Shelving

Installing a solution such as commercial shelving alongside your pallet racking requirements allows for a greater emphasis on stock control. You can move smaller, compact stock items to an area fitted with commercial shelving that will ensure no weighty damage is done to smaller stock items.

The majority of warehouses that report lost and damaged stock in smaller items come from them being fitted between larger items on pallet racking, feeling they have no option as they have nowhere else to put them. By allocating a smaller section or room within your warehouse space specifically for commercial shelving, you can reduce your losses and improve warehouse operations.

The space will require adequate room for manoeuvrability between the shelving, but not to a threatening degree. This means that you can improve your stock levels for larger items in your industrial storage racks without risking damage to other stock.

Boxing Items

Organising how you stock items on both your pallet racing and commercial shelving can always be improved. Many warehouses fail to adopt the principle of having heavier and bulkier items stored at the bottom levels and lighter stock at the top.

This reduces the risk of accidents from falling stock and overloading of weight requirements on your systems, giving you a more secure system and longevity overall. By designating stock to labelled boxes, you also reduce the risk of losing stock or missing them from client orders as they can easily be found in the pick.


You must re-evaluate your warehouse layout over time to ensure that you are still receiving the very best in operational control of your space.

This includes constantly evaluating your inventory and how you are stocking it, being realistic with what you are storing and if you are ordering too much stock in a season where it is on the downswing.

Contact the team at Monarch Shelving today to explore your warehouse storage equipment possibilities and expand your shelving.

Keeping Your Warehouse Tidy

It is a simple set of mistakes that makes your warehouse overcrowded and disorganised, and it is not always based on a lack of attention or bad management. In most cases, it happens because of unexpected business growth, with a focus on generating income and incoming stock and outgoing orders get jumbled together.

Whilst it can be a good thing to be busier than usual, untidy, unorganised warehouse space is not the most efficient way to go. keeping your warehouse clean is important to keep things flowing.


The good news is that it does not take a miracle to solve this particular issue and create warehouse space that is efficient, organised and manageable. A handful of effective techniques ensure that your warehouse operations do not suffer from disarray.

By focusing on small areas one at a time, you will understand why the space became so unorganised and be able to limit that happening again in the future. The biggest one that you need to focus on is organising your items into types of products. Using an inventory makes it simpler to find what you need and where to look, as well as keep better track of products shifting in and out of the warehouse.

Grouped products are easier to locate over singular items scattered to far corners of the warehouse.

Common Sense Thinking

It sounds obvious, but grouping products into categories sets the tone for the organisation. Ensuring each item is clearly labelled and identifiable helps to speed things up for the employees on the hunt for specific items.

It also reduces the potential risk of wrong items getting stored and shipped out. As well as labelling, the stacking and storing of products on pallet racking or commercial shelving is the most ordered and sensible solution. Installing industrial storage racks or shelving makes good use of the space by presenting previously unutilised vertical space, increasing your company’s storage capacity whilst reducing the floor space being used.

Regular Monitoring

As obvious as it sounds, the biggest solution to keeping your warehouse running with the best use of space is to keep monitoring and checking your warehouse’s condition and requirements.

This not only ensures that issues do not become overwhelming but also helps you stay accountable for their maintenance and the guidelines that you set out to keep things organised. If you fail at this task, then you will be back to square one with clutter and disorganisation within months.

For more information on warehouse storage equipment, or for keeping your warehouse clean, contact the team at Monarch Shelving today.

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