Co-op to Sell Food Past its Sell by Date in Stores

This week, the Co-Op announcing that shoppers in 125 of its stores in East Anglia will be able to purchase food that is past its sell by date for the princely sum of 10p per item. The move follows a three-month trial in 14 stores that proved unanimously successful with shoppers and advocates of food waste reduction alike.

The majority of items on offer are tinned and dried goods, but will also include other items that, though past sell-by-date are still fit and safe for consumption. In doing this, the Co-op is not only hoping to save an estimated 2 tonnes of food waste a year from each of its stores, but is also tapping into the single most influential shopper’s instinct – the search for a bargain!

Christmas Clearance Racks to Help Boost Profits

For many stores, clearance racks can be the most important racks, offering discounts and special offers to shoppers and helping to move inventory quickly. With Christmas shopping now kicking off in full swing, clearance areas will be high traffic zones in your store, and having the right hardware in place can make or break a clearance section.

At Monarch Shelving, we provide all the shelves, racks and other storage alternatives to keep clearance sections as organised as possible – keeping shoppers and staff happy and coming back for more.

Racks and Shelving for Clearance Items

There are many ways to display clearance items. We work with many clients to help them design the perfect clearance area to fit the needs of their stores.

Maintaining a clean, organised, easy to shop clearance area is no easy task, but the right racks and shelving can make all the difference. Common shelving and rack ideas for clearance zones include the following:-

1. Permanent shelving

Shelves that are a permanent fixture in your store can help to keep any clearance section under control and your store looking sleek at all times. Built into the fixtures of the store, permanent shelving remains in place. However, merchandise can change over and over again. These shelves are ideal for high traffic zones and for stores whose clearance areas have a high turnover rate. Permanent shelves make it easy to know exactly what merchandise can fit in the section at any given time, and will always be able to house the same amount of product.

2. Mobile shelving units:

Mobile units offer the same room and design of permanent shelves, but with the added bonus option of mobility, allowing you to put them anywhere in the store. Mobile shelving units give you the option of changing the look and location of a clearance section to suit your needs and can fit to any floor plan you can think of.

3. Permanent rack options

There are many varieties of lengths to choose from with permanent racking, which makes them a very common option, especially in clearance zones. Permanent rack options give store-owners the option to hang merchandise, which frees up room, making it easier for shoppers to find items they want.

4. Mobile rack options

Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, mobile racking options for a clearance area are among the most common option when it comes to clearance zones. These racks are available in straight bar form, circular, square, or any other shape you can imagine. They come in a variety of sizes to give you the ease of being able to hang your merchandise, and the option to customise your clearance section with ease by moving these racks to wherever you see fit.

Make the Most of Your Clearance Zones

With the variety of options to choose from, racks and other shelving needs come down to personal preference and what works best for your store’s clearance zone.

At Monarch Shelving, we will help you design a clearance area that can be easily shopped and restocked to keep your profits rolling in. Make your clearance area stand out this Christmas season, with a customised design using shelving options from Monarch Shelving.

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