Garden Centre Pallet Racking: What Must be Considered?

Think about this: You are the proud owner of a garden centre and you are planning an installation. You may be wondering if, before you begin, you would be legally required to have an inspection carried out. Many believe that their garden centre pallet racking would require inspection as it carries a load, even if it is not a heavy one.

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What is the Top Pick for your Warehouse Storage?

Picking is one of the most basic and fundamental processes for your warehouse storage. However, although it may be a simple function alone, the process of picking relies heavily upon order profiling. Management systems for your warehouse storage can help you decide on an effective picking strategy for the best available routes within your facility. They should also hold a fundamental place for coordinating and controlling the storage and movement of your stock.

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Alternative Ways to Get More Space for your Warehouse Storage

Here at Monarch Shelving Ltd, we have been providing warehouse storage solutions for many years. We work with a wide range of companies and organisations in all shapes and sizes, covering a variety of industries. While each customer who approaches us have their own specific needs that are unique to their products, there is always one requirement they all share: more space. Read more…

Pallet Racking Guidelines

The material handling industry is overflowing with new technologies and innovations. Behind the scenes of all this extravagant new technology is a wide range of less thrilling, but just as important tools and equipment. This includes pallet racking and pallet racking guidelines. Read more…

Site Considerations for your Pallet Racking

When it comes to choosing the right pallet racking for your warehouse storage, there are many things that need to be considered around your site. This week we are discussing these considerations so that your business is ready for pallet racking and other warehouse storage solutions.


Regardless of where you are in the UK, each local government has a range of codes related to fire, life and safety that influence the design of pallet racking in your area. The most important item on that list of codes is the distance you must walk to exit the building in the event of a fire (i.e. “egress” distance).

Warehouse racking or warehouse storage locations may need to be removed from the design to comply with the maximum distance away from the exits. Lights and exit signs may need to be added within the rack to ensure that the egress path is well lit. The egress path may also need to be marked clearly, perhaps with the use of reflective tape.

Seismic Classification

Each site location is classified by the government based on the potential ground motion in the event of an earthquake. No matter where you are, even if the risk of an earthquake is extremely low, all site locations have a seismic classification. Therefore, the site address is quite important.

Concrete Floor Specifications

Concrete floor specifications are put in place to ensure that the concrete slab on the grown is strong enough to support the weight of the pallet racking and the products that are to be stored within the pallet racking. Depending on the strength of the concrete, larger foot plates may be required to spread out the weight of your pallet racking.

Requirements of separation

Separation requirements involve the measure of the minimum distance between the rack and any elements of the building, particularly the building columns. This requirement can have a significant impact on the layout of your warehouse storage, particularly the quantity and width of the drive aisles.

Sprinkler Requirement

In-rack sprinklers tend to be determined by the type of product that is being stored and by the specification requirements of the insurance company. If sprinklers are needed, then additional distance between warehouse racking and special bracing may be needed to accommodate the pipes passing through the cracks.

Building Specific Elements

These elements include the sizing and types of building columns; where the roof drains are located or whether there are other obstructions on building columns; or if there is any presence of wind bracing (aka “K-bracing”).

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Shelving Safety for your Warehouse Objects

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Warehouse storage solutions: Storing awkward items

With such a variety of options available for different industries, finding the correct warehouse storage solutions can be rather complex. Throw in a range of awkwardly-shaped items and you can be facing many obstacles. Monarch Shelving Ltd are here to provide you with some insight on the most common, awkwardly shaped items for your warehouse storage and which methods are best for each. Read more…

Installing A Mezzanine Floor for Your Warehouse Storage Solutions

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HSE and their stance on Warehouse Racking Barriers

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Identifying different Warehouse Racking Systems

For anyone who owns a warehouse, it is important to ensure you are aware of the differences between your longspan racking and your cantilever racking. Warehouse racking and warehouse shelving comes in many different shapes and sizes. In order to be sure you are running a safe and profitable warehouse, you need to be certain that you know about these different forms. Read more…

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