Roller Racking and Mobile Shelving – What are the benefits of this Storage System?

What kind of pallet racking and shelving is best for your needs? We look at roller racking to see where it’s most effective and discuss its major advantages

Roller Racking Space Saving

Roller racking, or mobile shelving, systems can be one of the most useful and cost effective storage solutions in manufacturing and retail set ups. The greatest advantage of these units is that they deliver high-density and compact storage for a relatively small outlay.

Most importantly, roller racking systems save space. For any warehouse or storage environment, space is a huge concern. However, what sets roller racking apart is that it delivers instant accessibility to all the goods and products stocked by a business. This is vital for retail environments and industrial premises where speedy access to goods is of paramount importance.

Roller Racking Track Mechanisms

Roller racking systems are located on tracks that move along the floor space. This means that there is only ever the need for one access aisle. Whenever an item is required the operators can move the roller racking units apart, using a pull handle. This creates an access aisle adjacent to the shelving bay where the item is located.

Two types of mechanisms are available for creating the aisles: pull handles can either be hand-operated or powered by electric motors with push button controls.

This type of roll-aside shelving is especially useful in smaller offices or in awkwardly shaped spaces like corridors or alcoves.

Because mobile shelving systems are mounted on low-profile mobile bases and tracks, access to the storage units behind is gained by simply rolling the units aside.

The Advantage of Roller Racking

When properly installed, roller racking can transform any industrial or retail business making it considerably more efficient.

Roller and mobile racking not only ensures that a business uses all its available space as effectively as possible, it will enables the business to increase its stockroom capacity and ensure that damage to stock is minimised by reducing the number of write-offs.

Furthermore, roller racking systems are also able to double the sales floor area in a retail environment, making stock recognition and stock-taking easier and clearer.

Monarch Shelving Roller Racking Systems

If you are considering a roller racking system, then look no further than Monarch Shelving.

Monarch Shelving always has an extensive range of roller and pallet racking in stock to cater for every need. Because we always carry such a large volume of stock we guarantee to get your order delivered to your site or warehouse quickly.

We stock a comprehensive range of new, refurbished and used pallet racking options: so whether you’re looking for Dexion pallet racking, Link 51 pallet racking, Apex pallet racking, Redirack pallet racking, Hilo pallet racking, Planned Storage pallet racking or Polypal pallet racking systems, Monarch Shelving is the supplier of choice.

Our extensive range of pallet racking solutions is unmatched, as is our commitment to value for money.

So, whatever your storage needs, whether your business is looking to buy new racking, add to its existing racking system, or can’t find the exact product you’re looking for on our website, then give our expert team a call on 01706 880355/ 01706 880462, and we’ll be only too happy to help and advice.


Alternatively you can buy your pallet racking and shelving at great prices online.

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