The Advantages of Narrow-Aisle Pallet Racking

We’ve been taking some time to look at the different methods of arranging pallet racking in the last few weeks. This week, we look at narrow-aisle pallet racking; it’s advantages and the warehouse situations it is suited to.

The Problem of Warehouse Storage-Space

Space is always the major issue when it comes to storage. Most businesses struggle to find sufficient space to be able to store their goods effectively and access them speedily and efficiently. There is usually either too much stock, or too little space to store it in.

All in all, in almost every warehouse and business storage, space is at a premium.

As the majority of businesses can’t afford to relocate either, as retail, commercial and industrial space is so expensive, it makes sense to use whatever space a business has at its disposal as cleverly and innovatively as possible.

Effective Use of Available Warehouse Space

There are plenty of ways of making the best use of space. But there can be few more effective ways of storing and retrieving stock than by using a pallet racking system.

Pallet racking is unquestionably the most efficient and cost-effective solution to a lack of storage space and the problem of storing large volumes of stock where space is limited.

Pallet racking maximises every inch of available space. For warehouses and businesses that hold considerable stock, pallet racking provides the ultimate, bespoke storage solution.

Even so, when space really is at a premium, there are ways that you can gain all the benefits and advantages of a standard pallet racking system in a very confined space. The most commonly used, is the installation of a narrow-aisle pallet racking system.

Narrow-Aisle Pallet Racking Systems

A narrow-aisle pallet racking system is ideal where a business requires a high degree of flexibility and access to stock at all times, and yet floor space is limited.

A narrow-aisle pallet racking system uses a similar basic layout, in the same way that a standard pallet racking system does, but with narrower aisles between each pallet – the clue is in the title!

Continued efficiency

Narrow-aisle pallet racking loses none of its efficiency, because of the size of the aisles. If operated correctly it offers all the same advantages of a standard pallet racking system but on a smaller footprint

Advantages include:-

  • Full access to each individual pallet.
  • Prime steel construction with bolted horizontal and diagonal bracing.
  • It can be used in high volume, tailor made applications.
  • It can be purchased in individual modules for smaller installations.
  • Full range of accessories are available.

Narrow-aisle racking is space efficient in two ways:

  • It requires less floor space for the aisles, freeing up more space for storage.
  • Pallets can be stacked to a greater height than with standard racking systems, which thereby further increases the available storage capacity.

Disadvantages for some Warehouses

The one disadvantage of narrow aisle pallet racking is that it requires the use of specialist forklift equipment. It is important to understand that this will increase costs, but some of this extra expense can be offset by the much improved space utilisation.

Installing a narrow-aisle racking system, complete with special forklifts, is a much cheaper proposition that moving to bigger premises or expanding existing warehouse space.

Talk to the Pallet Racking Experts

To learn more about how narrow-aisle pallet racking could benefit your warehouse and goods storage systems, talk to us at Monarch Shelving

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