5 Tips for Restructuring a Warehouse

If you’ve had a summer clear out and are looking to restructure your pallet racking and warehouse, what do you need to consider?

Redesigning your Warehouse

A warehouse restructure is usually driven by a need to improve financial management and viability at work. Whenever they undertake the planning and implementation of a restructure, companies end up with a considerable list of issues and considerations they need to focus their time and resources on. These range from design and manufacturing departments to the sales and marketing issues.

Prioritising this list of considerations vital, and one of the highest items will be the planning and storage of supplies, either products or stock, or data storage. The shelving arrangements and organisation of these systems is a vital aspect of efficient time, financial and resource management.

Tips for planning business storage system

To help you plan more efficiently, here are five tips for delivering an effective business storage system.

1. Maximise Space

Space in any warehouse or business premises is limited. Floor space in particular is precious, and you need to utilise every bit of space you can. Shelving stacking, health and safety, stock and data retrieval all need to be taking into account, as does stock rotation and priority access to important items. By gathering sufficient information on your needs you can then plan more effectively. To help you, Monarch shelving are able to provide specialist advice and consultation to help you maximise the space available to you.

2. Plan stock monitoring and ordering systems

It’s important to understand suppliers and the sizes of package deliveries, days of delivery etc. This will help you plan your floor layouts, displays and product categories.

To manage your warehouse correctly, you need this understanding of your delivering and ordering cycles. Then you can ensure that you have the correct and most suitable shelving system to accommodate your product needs.

3. Understand product identities.

A full understanding of each product identity is key to correct warehousing. You need a complete understanding of each variant of every product, such as size, weight, temperature storage etc. This allows for correct storage planning and choice of shelving, depending on weight and size etc. Warehouse management is vital for stock control, but also to ensure your insurance is correct and valid.

4. Understand financial costs

Ineffective planning can cost a considerable amount in the long run. It’s therefore vitally important to understand your actual expenditure and the full cost of your preparation.

Investing too much in the wrong type of shelving and storage solutions, and you will end up paying in time and cost when corrections are inevitably needed. Additionally, the wrong storage solution will cause safety concerns and may invalidate insurance. To make sure you don’t fall foul, talk to a Monarch Shelving Expert today.

5. Protect products

Depending on your business you will have to consider the environment of your storage space. Some products may require a cooler temperature e.g. food items, some a drier atmosphere like cigarettes or tea. You need to ensure the storage systems allow for this to be monitored regularly.

Talk to the experts

Monarch Shelving offer expert warehousing solutions to all your complex storage needs.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your storage requirements are, we can provide trustworthy and cost-effective solutions to fit your requirements.

We have a wide variety of storage systems with all necessary accessories to create a safe and secure working environment for safeguarding your staff and products.

We design storage systems allowing easy access to lifters to move goods located on different shelves on the rack.

pallet racking systems can ensure safekeeping of a large inventory without occupying a large space. Cantilever racking is another popular choice, for the storage of storing long, bulky, and odd shaped loads of stock.

We offer solutions for all storage solutions, pallet racking, workbenches, long span shelving, material handling and many more. Monarch shelving can be sure of making the most of every inch of available storage space, whether it’s a shop or garage, warehouse, stockroom or office.

If you need any storage solutions for your business, we will provide you with a high quality service. For more information please speak to one of our sales team on 0161 627 3444 or 0161 627 4440.

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