Warehouse storage solutions: Storing awkward items

With such a variety of options available for different industries, finding the correct warehouse storage solutions can be rather complex. Throw in a range of awkwardly-shaped items and you can be facing many obstacles. Monarch Shelving Ltd are here to provide you with some insight on the most common, awkwardly shaped items for your warehouse storage and which methods are best for each. Read more…

Installing A Mezzanine Floor for Your Warehouse Storage Solutions

This week we are looking at the benefits of how a mezzanine floor can benefit your warehouse storage and how it can be a much better investment than relocating to a bigger space. Read more…

HSE and their stance on Warehouse Racking Barriers

Without inspectors and various safety professionals, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) could not exist, so their views on warehouse racking barriers is extremely important. From the start of its existance in 1974, HSE has had a positive impact on the conditions for millions of workers around the UK. Due to this, incidents in the workplace have dropped significantly (85%). Read more…

Identifying different Warehouse Racking Systems

For anyone who owns a warehouse, it is important to ensure you are aware of the differences between your longspan racking and your cantilever racking. Warehouse racking and warehouse shelving comes in many different shapes and sizes. In order to be sure you are running a safe and profitable warehouse, you need to be certain that you know about these different forms. Read more…

Warehouse Racking Safety and Fire Prevention

The Safety of your warehouse racking is just a single part of a larger commitment to general warehouse racking safety. Warehouse fires are just one of the things which following safety procedures can prevent. Read more…

Keeping your Cold Warehouse Storage Costs Down

It is quite common for store operators to be unaware of the significant impact that lighting has on energy consumption. Due to the premium costs of providing chilled or frozen warehouse storage, it is extremely important that cold store operators not only optimise the use of available pallet space, but to make certain that the building is operating to the highest form of energy efficiency possible.

How Lighting Can Affect your Warehouse Storage

It is a commonly known fact that the installation of effective insulation and the adoption of loading and unloading efficiency practices for the security of cold air in the building is key to keeping cold warehouse storage costs down to a minimum. However, it is rather surprising that many cold warehouse storage operators fail to consider that lighting also pays a significant role in energy consumption in the warehouse.

Inefficient traditional lighting affects the costs of cold warehouse storage in many ways, but for the most part they require more energy to provide the necessary brightness, and in turn generate heat. This is quite clearly counter-productive within a chilled room environment. On top of this, they are often rather costly to keep well maintained.

Choosing the Right Light

Opting for LED light sources, on the other hand, is a better solution for cold warehouse storage as it consumes less energy and produces less heat than traditional lighting. They also have no need for lamp replacements, and they emit light immediately, quite importantly so.

Many of the more aged cold warehouse storage facilities tend to be lit by sodium or metal-halide luminaire technology. In comparison to modern LED lighting systems, there are many disadvantages. One of which is the fact that in order to give off the necessary light throughout the space, the lights have to remain on for long periods of time, generating unnecessary heat.

Modern LED lighting, however, thrives in colder temperatures, and increase in efficiency as the temperature drops. As sodium fittings consume three times the amount that LED would, it is obvious to see the financial savings you would acquire in the long run if you made the switch.

Small Benefits go a Long Way

Though lighting requirements in cold warehouse storage tends to be low, adding better lighting can provide a list of benefits to operation. Simple day to day tasks such as reading labels and storage documents will become easier by creating a brighter atmosphere.

However, when factoring in low consumption of energy and production of heat being reduced, it is easy to see why it would be beneficial for any cold warehouse storage related business to implement them into operation.

Optimise the Space

It is also important that cold warehouse storage is to be used as efficiently as possible in the space available. The less space needed to pay for storage, the more savings will be made for the business as cold storage can be rather costly to run. Getting the correct storage system is important, but this is easily achievable when you shop with a storage solutions company who can assist you in making the most efficient decisions possible for your warehouse storage.

So get in touch with Monarch Shelving Ltd today. Our range of brand new and second hand pallet racking and storage solutions are suitable for any warehouse, and by talking to one of our experts you will receive all the information you need to put together a warehouse storage solution that works in line with your business.

Keeping your Warehouse Storage Cool during Warmer Days

Though the weather has been rather frosty in the past week, the cold season won’t be around much longer. Soon people will be getting ready to grab the sun lotion, head to the beach and make the most out of the warmer half of the year. Some warehouse workers, on the other hand, will keep the kettle boiled wrap themselves up and try to forget how cold warehouse storage can be.

It comes as no surprise that due to high demand, warehouses are having to expand cold and freezer facilities and building up the need for more workers to keep up the workflow. Many companies are faced with issues of hiring more staff, increasing the costs of labour, when really all that is needed is an AS/RS (automated storage and retrieval system). An ASRS is ideal for reducing the costs of labour, increasing inventory, increasing the accuracy of shipments and overall increases the efficiency of warehouse storage.

Warehouse Storage and Labour

The benefits of an AS/RS are visible to management from the moment it plays its role in warehouse storage. As a piece of machinery, it doesn’t need any coverings in order to keep warm and can function in temperatures as low as minus thirty fahrenheit! It is a consistently working piece of equipment, designed to lower labour costs, waste, and maintenance of the AS/RS as it doesn’t rely on break times to warm up.

Having a warehouse execution system, also known as WES, makes checking the status of the system possible via a simple platform. AS/RS wasn’t designed to cut labour as such, but for these particular environments you staff will benefit as they are able to spend less time in a sub-zero environment.

Inventory for Warehouse Storage

Accuracy is key for maintaining control over warehouse storage. A company that fails to actively supervise inventory status, is a company that’s falling behind most warehouse storage competitors. A big benefit of having an AS/RS is that the accuracy in shipping can improve up to 99.9% and drastically reduce the risk of errors.

As an AS/RS relies on less warehouse storage space in order operate, your warehouse benefits from having extra room for inventory. The less space the machine takes up, the more space you have for warehouse storage and for smaller freezers. This also means that you will be saving energy as you won’t need to keep the temperature constant.

Efficiency of Warehouse Storage

When it comes to dealing with cold and/or frozen warehouse, energy usage is constantly under inspection. With doors continuously being opened by workers, costs of operation incline in order to keep the temperatures consistent. An AS/RS that takes up less room and gives more space for cold warehouse storage reduces the requirements for energy usage to keep the space cool.

Looking to maximise your hot or cold warehouse storage space with brand new or second hand solutions? Get in touch with Monarch today to see what we can do for you, or take a look at our products to see what warehouse storage solutions may work best for your business.

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