Pallet Racking Capacity

Industrial storage racks are the most common storage systems found in modern warehouses today. When considering the loading capacity of a pallet racking system, it comes down to various factors at play.

Warehouse Safety

Pallet rack capacity is crucial to safety within your warehouse environment. Therefore, it is always essential to ensure that both frames and beams are designed to hold the required weight and avoid a catastrophic system collapse.

When calculating pallet racking capacity, there are several elements to take into consideration. The first element is around the load – or the pallet size, dimensions, contents and pallet type. Height, weight and depth are the keys to making the beams safe in loading, as each must be able to support the weight of your product.

If you were to have two pallet loads weighing 1500 lbs each, your racking system would need to be around 3000 lbs per pair of beams to support that load. Most beam capacities differ with each manufacturer, so it is important to refer to the manufacturer’s load capacity chart when selecting your system.

Beam Levels

You will also need to determine the number of beam levels per bay, along with the beam spacing. If your warehouse has multiple bay configurations, you need to ensure that each will be evaluated. Capacity ratings for racking frames are based on a maximum unsupported span, so the further apart the beam spacing is, the less capacity the frame is rated to hold.

Several items impact the capacity ratings for frames and beams, such as the strength of the steel used to fabricate the racking components. Steel thickness will also play into the impact on capacity, and each manufacturer has different section properties that will affect rated capacities.

When having a storage system designed, you need to understand that certain aspects have been considered also – such as slab and soil conditions, seismic requirements and the potential for rack damage. Your racking will need to be compliant with safety codes and practices, and allow for staff training around them regularly.

Additional Explorations

There are also conditions where your racking may benefit from a vertical system able to stock towards the ceiling of your building, eliminating aisle overhang and combining aisle space for different size products. This helps to maximise your storage without adding considerable risk to your racking system integrity.

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Signs Your Shelving Needs Replacing

It is important to have full confidence in your warehouse storage equipment, especially if you run a hectic paced business. You trust in your system to stand the test of time and secure all of your products in easy to access locations throughout each business day, allowing you to move swiftly and securely around them without risk of trips or the shelving falling apart. There are signs that your commercial shelving may be compromised and in need of replacement shelves.

No Products Fit

As your business starts to expand, there is a great air of excitement that your products are gaining so much demand and you are ordering and providing even more to meet it. Your first sign would be that you are getting short on storage to meet the demand, and the stock starts to occupy away from your shelving or pallet racking.

First and foremost, you need a safe working environment – not susceptible to trips and cramped working conditions. If your shelving has no room to fit the product then it is time to find more efficient options for storage.

The words optimum efficiency have to play into your shelving plans, ready to meet growth and stock a wide variety of products as the years and fads come along. Wider and taller shelving is always an option to stock your overfill.

Wear and Tear

With everyday use, your shelving will no doubt start to become weaker from elements and products stored upon them. Heavy products placed on and off these shelves over years can begin to showcase those wear and tear signs.

It only takes one load too many for that shelving to finally give in and collapse, and this can be a big problem when an employee is injured as a result. Not only that, it is even worse for the stock that gets damaged at the same time.

Keep an eye on dents and bends in your shelving as well as rusty joints and shaky shelves. They are huge warning signs that your system needs urgent replacement. See it as a warning not of what can happen, but what is destined to happen. If they cannot be fixed then it is time to replace them completely.

Warning Signs

There are plenty of warning signs in regards to your systems being no longer for the task at hand, and replacing them with a better and more secure system to meet your warehouse or store needs is a much cheaper option than the loss of stock you can experience.

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Choose the Right Storage

Are your current storage requirements needing a drastic overhaul? You may think that storage is not a hard thing to get right, but doing wrong can seriously impact your safety, space and workplace efficiency.

If you are currently wondering what the best solution is for your warehouse operations, there may end up being many different warehouse storage equipment solutions out there – so it helps to have the best idea of what your needs are.

Your choice will come down to the factors of what you are storing, what your available floor space is and what the processes of your workplace are.

Warehouse Racking

The solution for most companies is pallet racking or industrial storage racks. This is multi-levelled shelving that is designed for large warehouses that contain bulk storage.

Pallet racking holds heavy pallets with a focus on vertical storage to provide easy access for forklifts. There is also cantilever racking for storage of long and awkward items along the lines of pipes, rods and timber.

The typical industries that use these shelving solutions are larger warehouses, distribution centres, manufacturing facilities and retail storage warehouses. If your industry falls into one of these sectors then these solutions may be the best product for you.

Commercial Shelving

Commercial shelving is a solution designed for small to medium items, and these can be customisable between lengths and heights and what the shelf material is composed of (ie metal, mesh or chipboard).

This solution has a larger ranch of sectors that it can be ideal towards. This is quite common in retail stores and mechanical workshops, but also spans home garages, shipping containers and manufacturing facilities – as well storage and distribution warehouses.

This storage solution helps to separate smaller and larger items to accentuate space in the business. It also helps those responsible for the pick of these items to streamline their efforts and not end up looking for smaller items between larger ones.

Commercial shelving can be placed along a back wall or even in smaller rooms away from the main floor to help operations remain tight in the warehouse.

How to Choose

How is your current industrial storage setup looking and what is standing out as the problem you have? Is it hard to find items or are you currently cluttered?

The best way to know the solution is to have an assessment of your requirements with a professional from Monarch Shelving. Not only do we know how to identify how your storage can be improved – but we can also design bespoke systems for several specialist stock types.

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What Does Pallet Racking Do?

What is a pallet rack and what does it do? Pallet racking is a solution in organised vertical storage, saving you space in your warehouse and used for many different reasons.

Racking is used in many different types of environments, such as grocers, manufacturing, distribution, retail and many more. Due to having only so much room within a warehouse, to understand the correct amount of pallet racking you will require you will need to calculate how much room and how many pallets you are intending to store. This requires a specialist in pallet racking systems to be on hand to avoid you making any mistakes in your estimation.

What Type of Racking?

A pallet rack system is quite simply a unit or bay of racking, and there are many types of racking to consider.

It can be teardrop, hook and slot, paltier, structural and many others with all specialists having different types. Choosing the right pallet rack frames is all about knowing your space measurements, starting with your ceiling heights. Because the frames dictate how high you can store your product, this is the first step to choosing the right kind of system.

Use of Pallets

It is called pallet racking for a reason and, usually, your products are arranged and stored on pallets – which then get stored on pallet racking.

Frame capacity can be tricky and the same questions need to be asked of your beams also. The larger the beam, the likelihood of sagging increases if you don’t have equal weight distribution. Evenly distributed loads are required and, should capacities not be met, the system has the potential to fail.

The taller the beam face, the higher the capacity the beam can support. Pallet racking systems can be designed with specific lengths with various beam sizes to support a variety of capacities.

Extra Considerations

Before selecting a pallet racking system, there are some additional considerations to face. The first is what your pallet racking budget is – buying a used racking system could be a huge risk if you do it just to save some money on your budget.

Also, what you are looking to store is a vital key – as it may stand to change over time. Certain areas such as the dimensions of your stock, the weight and if they require any specific requirements for storage, such as food or medical supplies would.

If you have any questions like, what is a pallet rack, what do they do, or if you would like to know anything regarding warehouse storage equipment, contact the team at Monarch Shelving today.

Improving Warehouse Operations

If you currently have a pallet racking system and are looking to provide a boost to your business operations through some improvements, some products will help to maximise your warehouse efficiency, organisation and density for storage.

Extra Storage

For many businesses, the start of Spring sees a hike in busy activity and some products tend to get larger due to the upcoming holiday season of summer on the horizon.

This is where your pallet racking can suddenly become overloaded with a mixture of various sized products struggling to find the right amount of space, leaving some items hanging over your aisle entrances and exits.

By switching smaller stock away from your pallet racking and into a section filled with commercial shelving Manchester, you can make good use of the excess space for the larger bulk items whilst smaller pick items are conveniently stored in a separate section for easy picking.

Safety Barriers

Safety barriers are an important addition to your warehouse operations at any time of the year, but during the busiest periods, they are key to preventing a lot more accidents and injuries from occurring during the seasonal rush.

Training when it comes to elevated safety during the busy period and ensuring that all staff know of extra security and safety measures when working in the warehouse always needs a seasonal refresher, not just for new starters but also for experienced workers.

Mezzanine Floors

Extra warehouse space and organization can be achieved through the implementation of mezzanine flooring, especially if you require a lot more room and don’t want to shift your entire operation into a bigger complex.

Having an expert installer measure your warehouse dimensions and requirements ensures that no mistakes are made and every avenue to accentuate your space is taken into account.

Regular Inspection

Ensuring that your warehouse pallet racking system is operating safely is vitally important, and requires regular safety inspections – not just after an incident has taken place.

Under current legislation, inspections of racking systems should be undertaken by a technically competent individual every 12 months to ascertain if any risks are present and need fixing or replacing. This type of inspection not only assesses where the identifiable damage is, but where potential future hazards will present themselves.

Contact the team at Monarch Shelving today to ensure that all avenues with regard to your warehouse efficiency and operation improvements are done by professionals and with strict guidelines for safety and practicality.

Keeping Your Archives Stored Correctly

Every business has a certain amount of important documents that they want to protect and preserve – and they tend to grow more and more as time moves forward. Everything from company accounts, employee records or other documents that are integral to the business needs somewhere to keep them, and as years go onwards they will begin to take up more and more space. They need to be kept somewhere somehow, but where? Here are some archive storage solutions for inspiration.

Store Information Online

The things you need to keep can get physically bulky and require actual storage space, but some of them could be better served uploaded online. Sensitive documents are best kept under lock and key and away from the online community, but there are always some things taking up unnecessary space.

That’s not to say that information cannot be stored physically as a backup, but using an online location may open your mind up to what are priority documents and which are easily stored online.

Filing Cabinets

You would be surprised how many people overlook the easy solutions. Although they are bulky, filing cabinets do the job very effectively and protect your documents from such things as water, daylight and any vermin around your warehouse/office which would shred documents to nothing if given the chance.

Drawers in a cabinet are still among the best ways to separate records and archived items into categories, making it much easier to locate specific documents you need when searching for them.

These can take up corners of the office or smaller rooms away from the hustle and bustle and are some of the highest-selling office equipment Manchester.

Storage Racking

Along with stock in your warehouse, you can use commercial shelving should your filing cabinets fall short of meeting your archive storage requirements.

Specifically designed to help store and archive objects of importance, this shelving is strong, durable and relatively low on cost – which makes it perfect for long storage of vital documents that the company may require in the future. Racking is among the top-selling warehouse storage equipment for businesses that need to keep track of information as well as stock levels, and they can be stored in any size room.

For all information on pallet racking and commercial shelving Manchester, talk with our team at Monarch Shelving to find the very best solution for your archive storage solutions and keep your vital documents fully stored and secured.

How to Streamline Warehouse Storage

Growth for your business is not a bad thing at all, but it can mean that things can get a bit tight and you can run out of space without proper planning for the business increase.

Many business owners may think that simply moving to a bigger warehouse is the general solution to the problem, but that could be jumping a pretty expensive gun – especially when more cost-effective solutions do not involve full disruption by moving premises. Simply optimizing your storage space is a more suitable solution in most cases.

Identify the Problem

The first step is simple in realising that you are running out of space and need to optimise the area. There could be many reasons why you are running out of space, ranging from a poor pallet racking design to aisles that are too wide to inaccessibility issues.

If you know that you are going through a growth issue and that it is set to continue, increasing your storage space becomes the main focus. By inspecting the warehouse, you need to look for exactly how much dead space is surrounding your operations.

This could fall into underutilised areas or corners where empty boxes and tools are stored unnecessarily. This could even fall into bare walls that could have commercial shelving installed. Identifying this dead space is a key factor in boosting your current warehouse space.

Aisle Space

Dead space goes beyond forgotten corners and into areas that you didn’t previously consider. One of the most common areas is the allotment of aisle space that you currently use – or rather are not using.

Shallow storage may give you more room to move around but it decreases the amount of inventory you can store. By extending your pallet racking system, you can take up more floor space without obstructing equipment and walkways.

Mezzanine floors are also a great way to make the most out of your space by raising your storage area and providing up to 50% more storage as a result. Mezzanine racking does depend on warehouse set-up, but it could be another great option for storage in your current environment.

System Change

Sometimes it simply calls for disposing of your outdated racking system for something more streamlined – which is still cheaper than shifting your entire operation to a bigger complex.

If you have upped your inventory of particular products, double deep racking may be the better option in an upgrade. This allows for items to be stacked two-deep, which doubles your industrial storage in a single area whilst improving accessibility in storing similar items together.

For smaller items, you could also opt towards keeping them on commercial shelving in a single area so that storage of bigger items can be better maximised.

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When to Replace Old Pallet Racking

Over many years of use, used pallet racking systems can show signs of wear and tear or even breakages from impacts or improper installation. Sometimes they can just not be fit for more of today’s storage requirements and pose a significant risk as a result.

Not only can these systems have a detrimental effect on the efficiency of your warehouse but they also could be posing a dangerous risk to your workforce and the premises it sits within. pallet racking needs to be extremely durable, reliable and installed correctly and maintained at all times, but that does not mean it will last forever.

Several dangers can go unnoticed with pallet racking systems, so it is important to know exactly how to identify them and replace them before things take a turn for the worst.

An approved racking inspector will be able to give you a full safety report on your older system, but there are still steps you can take to identify a problem.

Corrosion and Rust

Areas with tarnished beams, flaking paint or corrosion are a high indication of the metal of the system becoming dangerously weakened. Once a system becomes rusty, it can only continue to weaken the structure, and adding more load will make the situation worse.

It is recommended to replace the full structure with a new and reinforced system before any unwanted injuries, destroyed stock and halt of warehouse operations are caused by a system collapse.

Beam Deflection

Under heavy loads, beams will naturally begin to deflect but will disappear once the load has been lightened. If they remain deflected, this is the clearest sign that your pallet racking system is damaged and poses a major threat.

If the heavy stock continues to be loaded on a system suffering this, the risk of structural collapse is heightened and the potential hazard towards staff is much more likely. In this case, it can be a case of replacing the beam or simply replacing the entire racking system with one that is suitable for the intended weight you are stocking on them.

Regular Repair

General maintenance is required to keep pallet racking systems operating healthy and smoothly, but constant fixes are a sign that longer-term solutions should be a priority. This involves replacing the entire system.

A warehouse does not need a system that constantly needs repair, with the threat of the job needing to be repeated in short order. Money is better spent on investing in fresh racking solutions that serve for the long-term and save a lot of time and expense as a result.

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Awkwardly Shaped Storage Solutions

Efficiency is key in any warehouse operation and nothing plays a bigger hand in that than the optimization of your warehouse organisation and providing extra room for storage.

By selecting the right kind of racking for varying types of stock, this can be fully achieved – but awkwardly shaped stock can result in several problems that result in wasted space, damaged stock and difficulty for workers when it comes to unloading. All of these factors can then affect the overall efficiency of your warehouse.

Different types of stock can be cumbersome and cause issues, but different types of racking can overcome them all.

Bulky Items

Long and bulky items create larger-than-life problems within a warehouse environment, with regular pallet racking not having space that is adequate to store or segregate longer items.

Items such as pipework being stored are notoriously long, bulky and heavy and can come in different sizes which mean some segregation is required. The solution would come in the form of Cantilever racking to store long and bulky stock, including items like carpet rolls, metal poles and larger construction materials.

Cantilever racking makes loading and unloading very easy by not employing front uprights, giving them very high loading capacities for forklift and crane handling.

Long Fragiles

A cantilever is not a suitable solution for all long stock, especially if they are fragile as it could lead to damage.

Items such as timber, the different lengths and types could throw up problems when trying to load and unload. This is where a vertical racking system would be more effective, with items separated by adjustable beams to prevent leaning damage and make for easy picking.

Large Movables

Moveable stock is different when it comes to efficient storage with the increased potential for falling items being boxed up. This creates problems for space which can also affect time in unloading stock.

Items such as vehicle tyres get stacked on top of each other which increases the risk of collapsing and boxing them up results in wasted space. Leaving them vertically can provide a risk of them rolling which then becomes an even bigger danger.

This would be better suited to dynamic live storage racking which allows for segregation of product, easy removal for picking, forklift access and the safe and secure storage of movable objects. When one item is removed, another takes its place, ensuring that items are always available and there is no need to stack or box items.

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What Are Dense Warehouse Storage Systems?

Warehouse storage systems are the solution when making the most of the available floor space in your warehouse. When the density of your storage increases, placing and removing unit loads typically takes more time when you need to.

This means that solutions that offer high density are a necessity, although they can vary in how easily pallets can be accessed depending on your operation and individual requirements. The best option will differ depending on these, which is why it is always required that you discuss the solution with a specialist in storage solutions before committing to a system.

Go Double-Deep

With double-deep racking, pallets can be stored two deep in racks instead of just one, meaning four pallets can be stored between a pair of aisles instead of two.

This proves to be a much more effective use of warehouse space compared to conventional pallet racking systems. This will require specialist unloading by telescoping forklifts that are capable of reaching the rear pallets, and you should have two pallets per SKU to avoid the problems with shuffling goods when trying to retrieve the rear pallet.

Narrow Aisle

Narrow aisle storage systems have a reduced width between 1.5 to 1.8 metres to make the available floor space enable even more racking.

Similar to double-deep racking, this racking system also requires the use of specialist equipment such as narrow aisle trucks to manoeuvre through the area safely and effectively load/unload.

Drive-In Racking

With drive-in racking, forklifts can enter the racking to place and retrieve pallets instead of simply travelling alongside it in an aisle.

Drive-in racking is a high-density product that also offers good selectivity, this finds it utilised in a lot of cold stores where running costs are high space use needs maximum usage. This is a very popular mode of warehouse storage equipment in a lot of distribution and factory environments throughout the UK.

Discussing with a Professional

If you are still unsure about which form of a high-density storage system is right for your business, you should engage with our team at Monarch Shelving.

By talking with our experienced team, we can show you which high-density storage solution is fit for your needs and give a comparison into each solution in terms of investment, cost, handling capacity and utilisation of space.

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