Sparing an Expansion

Many businesses today are finding that increases of sales through such things as eCommerce platforms are putting a strain on space within a warehouse and are considering purchasing a second building to cope with demand.

In theory, it makes sense with the greater volume of packages and the space depleting for your most important stock, but without putting pen to paper on that new lease of space, could it be avoided completely with a bit of simple planning and rearranging of your current space?

Making More Space

When looking at the overall picture, you are either running out of space or looking to branch out by offering more products in your inventory.

Whatever the reason, buying a second or bigger warehouse for your perceived needs should be the last call after exploring and crossing off every other potential avenue you have to hand. There are ways to make space in your current warehouse that you may not have considered or explored.

If you are running out of shelf space then you should review your current commercial shelving and if it is suitable for your current needs. Is it sustainable for the festive rush periods where inventory can ramp up? You could look at a cheaper option of having new shelving installed that could double up on amounts instead.

Close Proximities

There is always the possibility that that feeling of cramped space in the warehouse can come from pallet racking being stacked too close together.

Quite simply you could widen your aisles between the racks allowing for more traffic to stream through the area without conflict. You can also add further shelves to the empty space to increase capacity if required.

It can also come down to your warehouses’ traffic flow that can make it seem much more cramped than it is in reality. Maybe a more streamlined pattern to aisles and working could help your employees navigate without clogging up space and result in a more spacious atmosphere.

Assess Everything

If you are thinking of purchasing a new facility it could possibly be due to the numbers game, but by evaluating the statistics you can take stock on the right decisions.

By taking into consideration the volume of incoming stock against your sales volumes and taking into account mistakes and errors in the ordering process you can reduce the confining spaces and run a warehouse that avoids its cramped feeling. This can help when planning purchases of warehouse storage equipment over an entire new pricy facility.

Pallet Racking Peaks

No matter if your warehouse is a small operation or larger scale franchise operation, pallet racking is deemed a solution to many of the daily struggles with storage and compatibility found in both.

No matter if your business focuses on retail or manufacturing, pallet racking has the durability for high volume, high density bulk inventory eliminating the risk of older or more flimsy racking solutions.

What is pallet racking?

In order to make your warehouse as efficient as possible when it comes to organising storage space, pallet racking provides a proactive approach to operation and business productivity by giving the strongest levels of structural support for your inventory.

By utilising upright steel framing connected with horizontal steel beams, pallets are able to rest between the framing securely and in no threat of breakage. Providing a better use of space and easier access to products, pallet racking provides different ranges to suit any environment.


Many businesses are fond of packing in as many pallets as possible into whatever space they have in order to maximise their efficiency, but sometimes this poses as many risks as it does opportunities.

Businesses tend to adopt the theory that they can continue to add even more layers on top to best make use of stock availability, and with pallet racking you can go very high, but it does take some practical thinking and limiting to ensure you have safety in mind.

By fully evaluating certain restrictive measures, you can still make the most of your pallet racking without posing a risk to stock and human lives. Obviously, the height of your ceiling plays a prominent factor in how high your pallet racking can extend upwards, and should be considered before implementing racking as a whole.

As much as it sounds foolish, you can find yourself overlooking the simple notion of the reach of your company forklifts, especially from safety standpoints when operating the heavy unloading on them.

If the stock you are loading onto the top level of your pallet racking is an item that is accessed every day, you can reduce the risks by having them in a more prominent position lower down where more suited. If you spend more time accessing this item every day or using specialist equipment in the warehouse to unload it, it kind of makes having that extra racking level a costly endeavour that could simply be avoided.

Pallet racking is a hugely beneficial solution for warehouse storage equipment providing durable and protected commercial shelving for stock in any size warehouse. Contact the team at Monarch Shelving today to safely stock your stock this year.

Avoiding Pallet Racking Catastrophes

We’ve all seen those online videos of pallet racking collapsing and causing total disaster within a warehouse environment.

Whilst it may provide a laugh or two on the home video platforms, in business it costs hundreds and thousands of pounds worth of damage to stock and business hours that are halted due to the results, not to mention the threat of serious injury to anyone in any form of an industrial accident.

In a lot of instances, pallet rack collapses can be avoided and many occur through the advent of bad practice, poor and unmaintained racking or training not being as good as it should be. Let’s examine the risks of pallet racking collapse and the measures undertaken to prevent it happening to you.

Immediate Risks

The threat to life is a given, but on top of that businesses face a ton of risk to operations and operatives also.

Naturally, the prime concern is a severe injury to a worker, but also the threat of death should not be passed aside. Thousands of pounds of stock falling on top of an employee is a sure-fire way to fatality and is not a worst-case scenario. It’s a very real one on many occasions.

On the other side of the spectrum is the amount of fines that a business can face by failure to keep equipment and racking in safe and working order. Fines and prosecution are a common lower-level threat for most businesses than the death of an employee but all the more occurring.

Also, let’s consider the amount of stock you lose. Not just from the damaged section but other surrounding stock also. This is stock that has to be written off which is very costly for your orders and your customers should they be a high demand item.

On top of all of the above is the downtime you will have to face to clear the area and repair the damage to shelving. Investigations may also be launched into the origins of the incident which can result in your company facing further downtime.

What this will all succumb to no matter what is a loss of business with customer orders unable to be fulfilled, which will undoubtedly result in a loss of certain contracts and an even bigger loss of reputation for your company.

Immediate Fixes

By now you will understand that simply updating your pallet racking is a small fraction of money compared to the loss.

It may suit you to think of the “ain’t broke, don’t fix” mentality towards your warehouse, but by not taking the precautions into account on regular intervals you face impacts on all fronts of injury, loss, prosecution and worst of all death.

At Monarch Shelving we provide businesses with reinforced pallet racking and warehouse storage equipment to a secure and protected workforce and workflow. Contact us today to keep your business spaces safe and secure.

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