Can Industrial Shelving Help to Maximise Space?

Keeping your warehouse inventory organised is extremely tough if your warehouse is of a smaller size and your stock levels are rising. If left unrecognised and unattended, the warehouse soon creates an untidy, disorganised and hazardous arena to work within.

The solution is having industrial storage racks and commercial shelving to help keep the organization and flow of business in check.

Where it All Leads

By ignoring the most prevalent problems in your current working space, you soon start to see a plethora of problems underneath them affecting your business operations. The biggest problem you will face is negative client perception.

How your company looks to a potential customer or supplier visiting your site is of prime importance and a lack of organisation leaves a sour taste in the mouth of anyone wanting to do business. It is not a confidence builder and reflects negatively on your management.

This starts a chain reaction where your staff will have decreased efficiency and productivity and pulls the morale of your staff down even further. To combat this, maximising your space with the right warehouse storage equipment can eliminate the dangers of an untidy workplace.

Right Steps

By firstly accessing your current storage solutions, you can take stock and make notes of what is stored where and how. Getting feedback from your management team and staff on the main core problems from their level also helps to get a better understanding of where things are currently problematic and helps with a better strategy to counter all.

Talk on areas about your warehouse space with regards to the flow of operations, accessibility for stock and picking, space for stock and how the current dimensions are suitable or not for the handling of stock.

Your workers have the best experience on how difficulties in the operations are, and their voice can be good fuel for inspiration of making things flow better.

Vertical Plan

Vertical space is all about the best utilization of warehousing, with a quicker and easier optimization by extending upwards instead of outwards.

Extending pallet racking bays upwards to help store stock that is taking up valuable floor level, yet not shifting as fast as other stock – making it perfect for having more floor room for faster shifting stock. Also, smaller items could benefit from smaller commercial shelving in a segregated area of the warehouse making better use of other areas of the warehouse.

For all warehouse storage equipment solutions and better space alternatives for your warehouse, contact the team at Monarch Shelving today.

Adapting to New Storage Environments

The economy has seen some pretty significant shifts in 2021 where every kind of business has found itself rapidly adjusting to the needs of the new environment we are in.

Ever since the global pandemic, the buying habits of the public have majorly changed. The eCommerce market has skyrocketed whilst high street stores have found themselves scrambling to keep their doors open whilst consumers focus on the ease of online buying.

This has caused quite the strain on the logistics industry to adapt at a much quicker rate to meet the new demand, especially for the onset of next day delivery practice. This has put added ripple effect pressure on warehouses to have stock flying through at greater velocity and much greater volume in terms of stock.

This means a huge increase in warehousing space demand, which is now expected to rise even further. Whilst most business owners may feel the immediate need to purchase new warehouse land, there is also something that can accelerate the space needed to meet the demand in evaluating your current storage requirements and systems.


In your current warehouse set-up, there may be stock stored on pallet racking that is better suited to a form of commercial shelving which can be stocked in a side room that is currently not utilised.

By conducting a full breakdown of your current stock housing, you may discover that unnecessary stocking on various sized items is taking up huge potential for better storage. Stocking smaller items in a side room that are easily accessible provides a larger focus on what can be done with your warehouse layout for larger stock.

The other aspect to examine is how your stock is currently picked by workers. It may be a case of disorganised picking lanes that could be improved by listening to your workforce feedback in regards to aisles and what could be improved.


When it comes to your current industrial storage racks, it could simply be a time to stock upwards instead of outwards. Once you have looked into shifting smaller items to shelving units, you can evaluate if your current racking could make better space by taking it to the building ceiling to be accessible by forklift.

If your current racking system is a bit outdated and could use something more modern and sustainable to stack to the ceiling. The team at Monarch Shelving are expert at working on racking systems for all kinds of bespoke requirements.

Call on us today to evaluate your system for warehouse storage equipment.

Best Planning for Warehouse Shelving

When you look to move to new business premises and incorporate new warehouse facilities, the planning of your storage and warehouse shelves design should ideally be a straightforward process – it is, after all, a blank canvas to start on.

However, when designing your storage facilities, they should be designed from the inside out and beginning with the goods that need to be stored. The racking and shelving should be designed to decrease the item distance of travel, as well as how far the staff will be required to walk to collect them.

When commercial shelving and pallet racking is properly planned, you can make significant improvements in functionality. You also get to speed up your loading and unloading and increase output by having space more efficiently utilised. Accommodating high volume storage is key to significant savings on the company by being able to order in bulk and store adequately.

Redesigning Storage

Your warehouse storage usage will change as your business does, finding that new lines will be incorporated, requirements for storage will change and your shelving and racking arrangements will become of little to no use as time moves on.

Typically, a company would do a stock movement assessment to reduce any unnecessary manual handling of goods. This will reduce the distance that goods have to travel from the loading bay to their designated storage area as far as possible, further reducing the need for manual handling. In doing this, large bulkier items will be contained closer to loading bays whilst the more infrequent accessed stock would be placed furthest away.

Calculate Space

Before your commercial shelving and pallet racking arrangements can be planned and ordered, you need to know the exact dimensions of the available space. Any miscalculation or misplanning can have costly implications if the system does not fit the space it needs to.

Take the floor area measurements as well as the height of the room into consideration, factoring in any overhead pipes or ductwork. The calculation of the clear space must be done right when planning your storage facilities, rather than the dimensions of the building.

Access the Requirement

Even the smallest storage facility with limited floor space is open to plenty of storage potential. The important thing to consider is the dead air space the room holds and how it can be used to storage advantage.

The choice of your warehouse shelves design will be dictated ultimately by how much you look to store and the space you have to store it in. Arranging your shelving with narrow aisles ensures the most efficient use of space, but if you need plenty of loading and unloading room, you may need to think much higher in storage.

Talking with the team at Monarch Shelving helps to find the exact type of system for your storage needs. Contact the team today for all warehouse storage equipment needs.

Is Ecommerce Pushing Your Business Storage Forward?

Before the pandemic, the future of ecommerce was already on a huge surge and seen as the next logical step in shopping and consumer behaviour. As the high street stores became obsolete during the pandemic and lockdowns, warehouses and logistics industries had to think fast and take immediate action to circumvent the change forced upon them.

In today’s marketplace, Amazon can provide everything a user could want, and with people getting tired of wearing masks or being around other people, eCommerce is now king.

Feeling the Shift

Whilst businesses and retail outlets look at ways to diversify and bring a better focus online, warehousing and logistics are taking steps to support the changeover. Now is the time when out of stock can lead to complete loss of sale for businesses, and today’s online client is not the type to come back later when stock is back.

The ability to replenish the stock in a fast turn-around and have it as quick as the next day calls for adequate storage so as not to have to claim there is no more room. With this in mind, warehouses and logistic operations need to have a comprehensive review of their current storage facilities and systems, how they work and what processes and equipment suddenly make them catch up with the swift demand.

Review Existing Systems

Pallet racking may need a drastic overhaul to maintain the rapid flow of stock currently flying through your warehouse. The key components to look at is the stock capacity, picking times and aisle space available.

Some stock that you currently harbour could do well with commercial shelving instead, especially if they are smaller stock which is oddly placed between larger, bulkier items. Stock that is large and not as in demand as other stock could be placed in a higher capacity, calling for taller extensions to your racking so that it can be stored out of the way.

By reviewing your current setup and adapting to new procedures or organisation of how the stock is picked and stored, you may be able to eliminate any current errors that are standing in the way of proper operational practice.

Layout Shift

One of the biggest changes you can do within a warehouse environment is improving your overall layout.

Narrow aisle racking, mezzanine flooring and drive-in racking to get larger products from the shelf to the driver in an efficient manner present a lot of possibilities with the right direction and equipment. With Christmas just around the corner, the time to focus on a shift in layout to accommodate the huge surge in demand for products is now more than later.

At Monarch Shelving, our team works with warehouse owners in designing industrial storage racks to make the most of space and storage available to you. Although the future of ecommerce is on the rise, there is still a need for a physical warehouse for storage. Contact us today for your requirements.

Why You Would Need Commercial Shelving

When it comes to storing your goods in a warehouse environment, a commercial warehouse shelving systems is one of the best solutions available. Most business owners are non-pulsed in the difference between shelving and racking and know the benefits of each, but the use of shelving can make a huge difference for a storage facility and the staff productivity on a day to day basis.

What is Commercial Shelving?

For a warehouse, many items fly through to varying sizes. Whilst most can take up an entire space within pallet racking bays, smaller more compact items are suited to something smaller and easier to pick from.

Commercial shelving is used for smaller hand-picked items from boxes, drums and larger cartons that are wasted on larger bays. This shelving can be made from steel or other materials in a variety of heights, widths and lengths and don’t have to be stationed on the warehouse floor. The ability to move these into more compact rooms creates a great separation from main warehouse operations and allows for a more productive workflow where smaller items are not being picked in larger aisles and holding up the workflow for forklifts and such.

Storage on Commercial Shelving

With these smaller items, it is much more ideal to store them on their own shelving away from the hustle and bustle of your business. If you have certain products that are an odd shape, are more fragile stock or are bulkier than other stock it is around – commercial shelving is the perfect solution for storage needs.

Products such as batteries, tyres, office supplies and long pipes are among the many stock products that are ideal scenarios for commercial shelving. The ability to have them safely secured and stored in an area more suited to their needs provides your workforce with time spared searching for ambler items in aisles and able to pick them easily.


The biggest advantage of commercial shelving is its versatility, allowing you to store multiple items of differing shapes and sizes into one area, although sure not to overload them or store everything in the centre of the shelving without distributing the weight accordingly.

Depending on your specific requirements, more bespoke commercial shelving can be provided and give immediate access to all unit loads. Commercial shelving is a great way of utilising all available storage space and is fast and easy to assemble to get to work.


Depending on your requirements, it is always advised to discuss with your supplier exactly how the shelving will be intended for use. This will best determine the kind of shelving system and whether any special reinforcement is required to better protect your shelving.

Contact the team at Monarch Shelving today for commercial warehouse shelving systems.

Prepping for Pallet Racking

If you are currently in the throes of preparing for a full warehouse installation, it can feel quite intimidating to begin the process for a successful install. There are many things you need to consider other than just simply placing your items on a rack and getting operations on the go. You need to work on your full warehouse organization through many little things to big things, such as industrial pallet racks to hooks, ensuring none go unnoticed or unaccounted for.

In the long run, going step by step is going to save you a lot of time and money, and they don’t need to be expensive to implement either. When preparing your warehouse space for a pallet racking system, there are important steps to undertake.


Each aspect of your warehouse needs to be analysed to access the effectiveness of each part and as a whole to detect where your problems will lie. The first step in designing your installation is always going to come down to devising your layout.

Over time your layout will no doubt come into contact with disorganization in the form of new efficiency issues and safety risks. By overlooking how your everyday operations are mapped out in each area, you can strategically reorganize to make space improvements and make the most out of your warehouse storage equipment.

In undertaking this step, you can make the most of available space, reduce goods handling and provide much more access that is clear, as well as be able to control the amount of stock being held.

Manage Stock

One of the biggest planning you can do is to practice inventory management which goes a long way towards preventing real problems. By checking that you hold the correct amount of stock at all times, you ensure that your system not only has the appropriate capacity but also saves you on ordering excess stock.

You can also utilise inventory management software that provides real-time analysis of stock sitting around your warehouse. This goes a long way towards reducing any overstocking or under-ordering and gives a more accurate level of stock held.

Choose a Recommended System

A system that is easy on the budget is not necessarily a wise investment. One size does not necessarily fit all, and various forms of pallet racking may be better suited upon conversing with a professional.

Delving into your intended stock of either large, bulkier items or those that require forklift operation, in comparison to smaller box items that could probably be stored on more commercial shelving is a big difference maker not just on operations, but also on your budget.

For all storage racks, industrial pallet racks, and enquiries, contact the team at Monarch Shelving today.

Which Industrial Shelving Suits Your Needs?

Ensuring that flexibility is in place is among the chief concerns for distribution centres and warehouse floors as things can change in quick succession over the years. Being able to adapt alongside these changes to growing demand and changes makes the installation of commercial shelving an integral part of the structural setup. Some things need to be considered before fitting out your warehouse or factory with industrial storage shelves or pallet racking systems.

Shelving Size

The first stage to consider is what you are planning to store on your shelving system. By evaluating the products that you are looking to store, the dimensions involved and the maximum amount you are looking to store at any one time.

With all storage systems, the items will require positioning securely and safely to prevent the risk of falling from the shelving and causing damage or fatalities within the workplace. If the product range is varied, there are solutions available where bigger items can be loaded into industrial storage racks and smaller items being stored on commercial shelving units.

Examine Weight

Weight is an easy thing to underestimate when it comes to your stock, as smaller items individually may not hold much weight but can create a heavier mass in a larger quantity.

The best approach is a shelf-by-shelf basis, where you can calculate the weight in total that will be produced and compare it to the total weight available to the shelving system. When considering this, opt towards buying a system that can hold a bit of extra weight than what you plan to put onto it, ensuring no safety issues will arise later on down the line.

How You Will Use the System

Accessibility is going to be the most important factor – not just how you access it but where the shelving will be positioned and manoeuvred around.

Thinking about the ease of use for your staff and picking equipment in navigating around your system and how busy the area is expected to get during busy portions of the day are very important to the best utility and choice of the system in question. If you plan on your shelving being high then you need to plan around the area in question to determine how your staff will be able to reach the products without causing harm, damage or disruption to day to day work.

Although it all may seem straightforward, sometimes the most basic guidelines can be overlooked and be costly in time and money to rectify. Contact the team at Monarch Shelving today for all your warehouse storage equipment and industrial storage shelves.

Shelving Mishaps You Need to Avoid

Mistakes happen in every kind of business – the real harm comes from ignoring the potential of them happening. In the environment of a warehouse or distribution centre, they can be costly, embarrassing and fatal. How best to avoid making mistakes with commercial warehouse shelving is to ensure that they are paid attention to and rectified. In warehouses, there are common mistakes that almost always happen at least once .

Keeping Consistent

The worse thing that you may be doing with your commercial shelving is that it is all over the place and not consistent. If you have much different Frankenstein-style shelving pieced together to make up your aisles then you are doing yourself an injustice.

For starters, it doesn’t look good and does more harm to your brand than good. If the look of all shelving, pallet racking and warehouse storage equipment looks all over the place, just imagine how much a nightmare it is in stocking them up.

Ensuring that your racking systems are consistent with your brand is one of the major mishaps you need to avoid.

Dirty Shelving

In keeping it consistent, you also need to keep the shelving clean. Stock is stored in your warehouse and the majority of owners of that stock would not be happy to discover that they sit on dusty, grimy and dirt littered shelving.

Be sure to keep your shelving cleaned whenever the stock is emptied and before any new stock arrived. It is not a time-consuming process and can be covered in your commercial cleaning contract, which is much better than word starting to spread that you have unclean premises not fit to hold precious stock.

Proper Installation

The other main threat when it comes to shelving is discovering that it is not installed correctly or to standard. If you notice shaking in the shelving, a bad dent that provides a rattling or instability in its construction, it needs addressing straight away.

If it is ignored for long enough, then the day arrives when a partial or full collapse of your shelving system leads to damaged stock, hold up in time whilst things are cleared or, even worse, a staff member seriously injured. These are some of the worst-case scenarios, with others being irreparable damage done to your businesses reputation and a loss of confidence from your workforce for not providing a safe working atmosphere.

Some solutions are simple and others call more drastic measures, but each mistake can be costly for your business image. For industrial storage racks, commercial warehouse shelving and office equipment Manchester, contact the team at Monarch Shelving today.

Racking and Shelving Tips

If you are a business that stores inventory then you certainly cannot operate without industrial storage racks, commercial shelving or warehouse storage equipment to stock everything neatly in place. Even if you have a small storage room, shelving and racking is the perfect solution. It is not just suited to large industrial warehouses or factories. In all cases, there is a large range of solutions available depending on your requirements.

Commercial shelving is a solution for lighter items being stored individually or in boxes. These are typically accessed by hand and loaded by staff at floor level or use of s step ladder. pallet racking is a solution based on the need to store heavy-duty stock, able to withstand the weight of palletised goods. These would typically be required to be loaded and unloaded via forklift.

Choosing the Right One

When choosing the right system for your needs, you need to consider the size and weight of what you are storing.

If your inventory is comprised of small and boxed items that could be loaded via the use of a mechanical stacker, commercial shelving is the ideal option. They are sturdy and functional and offer a shelf size and separation that works perfectly for this kind of stock. They tend to have a lower maximum height which enables workers to easily access by hand.

You also need to consider the maximum height you are wanting to stack towards. This not only affects your choice of which system is preferable but also what and how you store items on them. If you don’t use any forklifts then you are limited to the height of the individuals working within the area, but with a forklift, you can stack up to the ceiling of the building or the reach of your forklift.

How You Stack and What You Pick

If you are stacking a range of items, you should always stack the lightest items at the top and heaviest at the bottom level. This not only helps with health and safety conditions but also keeps the centre of gravity of the shelves or racks low.

When designing your storage solution, evaluate how your items are used and dispatched such as if they are picked from the front of the shelf until the stock is empty, or do you cycle what is there? Figuring out how your stock is picked and moved around currently may have an insight into how you could store things much better moving forward, and if certain items could be moved to a smaller shelving system if they don’t sell that often.

Contact the team at Monarch Shelving for all your warehouse storage equipment/ shelving and racking needs.

Seeking More Efficiency in the Warehouse

As a manager of a warehouse or distribution centre, your prime focus on each season is making your warehouse operations more efficient to create a more structured workflow against the variations of busy activity throughout the year.

Through high-quality commercial shelving and industrial storage racks to better staff training exercises, every minute is either wasted or utilised in making the right choices for a better business.

Your system of management does not solely rest on how your warehouse is stacked with pallet racking or warehouse storage equipment, although that is a huge part at play. The right forward-thinking attitude also comes into play heavily.

Effectively running a warehouse becomes all about communication and continual improvement, and optimization for your business operations can be achieved by many little steps as much as big ones.

Don’t Put Off

Procrastination can be a warehouse’s worst enemy, with many either putting a hold on certain things that need attention from either a financial perspective or just pushing it to the back of the line in priorities.

With stock moving in and out constantly, the need to stop putting off these tasks and act on them instantly is essential. Those unorganised or left out stock hanging around waiting for attention can start to create a sense of clutter or staff confusion if they are looking in the right place for it and not being there because it is shoved in a to-do pile. If it is a difficult thing to stock away easily, consider having it on its commercial shelving somewhere else where it does not clutter up an aisle.

Ask the Solutions

Your workforce is the people who have to deal with the warehouse floor constantly and listening to their feedback, recommendations and frustrations are key to eliminating worker unrest and identifying problems you probably are never aware of.

They may tell you that they are frustrated with the layout of the warehouse or where things are stocked or waiting times on stock being made available whilst waiting on forklifts to unload them. By taking everyone’s considerations in regards to your operations, you will be able to identify the changes urgently required.

Involve Workers in Discussion of Change

Creating a more effective working operation of your warehouse is all about combating bad ideas and providing a solution that is easy to work with.

When you instigate a change in your warehouse operations, be sure that every staff member not only hears why but understands why it is being done as so. This shows that you are investing in them by providing them with insight into how the business benefits, as well as they, are able to work securely and more effectively moving forward.

For more information on warehouse operations, commercial shelving and pallet racking systems to help your business needs, contact Monarch Shelving today.

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