Does Racking Inspection Legislation Differ Across the EU?

The EU is made up of a few common laws. However, not every country follows the exact same laws. So, how do we factor in racking inspection legislation? When we leave the EU in 2019, racking inspection legislation will be free to be changed without the influence of the EU. However, this is with the assumption that the EU has already had an impact on racking inspection legislation in the UK. IT has, but we cannot determine exactly how much so.

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5 Designs for your Mezzanine Staircase

While installing your mezzanine staircase for your warehouse storage, it’s important to think about your design options. Are you looking for something that is simple and functional? Perhaps you would prefer a staircase that has the wow-factor of aesthetic appeal? Here at Monarch Shelving Ltd, we can help our clients in finding the right mezzanine staircase that will work for their needs.

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Pallet Racking Components

If you have ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of pallet racking components that are essential to your warehouse, don’t worry. Monarch Shelving Ltd is here to ensure you have a clear understanding of the most common pallet racking components.

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5 Core Principles for your Warehouse Storage Design and Layout

To those who are not as experienced in the matter, it may seem that warehouse storage design is relatively easy to get the gist of. However, detail plays a crucial role and can be overlooked by many. This can lead to recurring excessive costs, whether it be financial or timely.

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Prevent Cross-Contamination in your Food Storage

As it should be, food storage is a business that must come with plenty of caution and regulation. This is certainly the case if you want to keep your products and customers safe. Do you happen to work in food storage? If so, it is extremely likely that you understand just how important it is to prevent cross-contamination and cross-contact between food products. You should also consider allergens with cross-contamination, including peanuts, seafood and more. However, are you doing everything you can to prevent cross-contamination in your food storage?

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The Importance of Industrial Partitioning

When thinking about partitioning, there is a wide range of businesses that can benefit from this service, not just office spaces. Industrial Partitioning can be used for creating separate rooms in factories. From production and reception areas to kitchens and washrooms, to warehouse storage spaces, the list can go on. Industrial partitioning systems can be missed with things such as industrial mezzanine systems for the sake of creating a space that is perfectly suited for your business and warehouse needs.

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Cost-Effective Ways to Increase your Warehouse Storage Capacity

When the storage capacity of a warehouse distribution centre surpasses the 80 per cent utilisation level, there is usually a simultaneous reduction in the levels of warehouse productivity. This can then result in overcrowded shipping and receiving docks, products and fire code violations flooding the aisles, and a whole variety of other safety hazards affecting the warehouse storage capacity.

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Understanding Mobile Pallet Racking

Mobile pallet racking is a wonderful solution if you are in need of high-density storage capacity while at the same time must provide complete picking access to every pallet position. This is what makes it a top choice for companies who are looking to get as much utilised space as possible. This is a particularly important necessity for areas such as cold stores.

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Mezzanine Floors for All Purposes

Mezzanine floors is essentially a term for when a steel structure is raised to create an additional level of flooring. This can be used for a wide range of uses, from storage and production to office and retail. Mezzanine floors are a wonderful way to make the most of any extra height that is available within a facility. It increases floor space and means you no longer need to move your business to larger premises.

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Reduce Warehouse Costs and Improve Efficiency

There are so many things to think about when it comes to how you can reduce warehouse costs and improve efficiency. There are so many areas to cover to ensure that your warehouse is working as well as it should be, meaning it will be a big task to make necessary changes. However, the return on investment will certainly be rewarding.

As you are aware (if not, you really should be) there have been new changes to the national minimum wage which will affect every business in the UK. As businesses take on these changes, the cost of labour is increasing. Of course, our hard-working staff are certainly worth the money they are being paid, but it is important to produce the income to keep the team going. So, if you want to achieve this, you need to look at ways to gain more productivity in each hour of labour, possibly through incentive pay.

The most important balance sheet asset in the majority of multichannel businesses is inventory. Having control of location and stock placement means you can track your products during fulfilment process. Here we have some pointer to reduce warehouse costs and improve efficiency. They should help you think about the current warehouse operation system you have in place and ensure you are getting the most from your warehouse investments.

Control your Inbound and Outbound Freight

If you want to prevent profit erosion, this needs to be your main priority. You need to look for guidance from an expert or consultant in this area who will assist you to big competitively and help you negotiate carrier agreements, while at the same time keeping good relationships already in place. By getting the best deals available, you are one your way to reducing warehouse costs.

Consider Incentive Pay

A great way to improve the performance of your staff is to consider them and their needs. You can boost their productivity by encouraging them with incentive pay. Think about where you have the most staff and go from there.

Think about your processes and simplify them

If you think that your production flow is no longer proving to be as effective as it once was, it might be time to make some changes. Step back for a moment and have a look at your existing physical processes with fresh eyes. Think about each step that is involved in product flow and order fulfilment and make some changes. Less steps means less touches and lower costs!

Embrace your Frontline Managers

Your best managers are there to provide you with peace of mind. They know how to execute, they can manage all aspect of fulfilment and they are understanding. They are aware of worker morale and think deeply about the quality of customer order fulfilment. Managers are extremely important, so don’t take them for granted and appreciate what they do.

Look at your Inbound Supply Chain

How you handle your inbound supply chain can have a big impact on your business output. It is important to develop a clear strategy that functions well. Push value-added services up the supply chain and complete a Sales and Operating planning session.

Be sure that your strategy is clearly documented and is acknowledged throughout the entire company. Any customer dissatisfaction should be addressed to prevent the same issue from occurring in the future. Your strategy should meet customer needs and should help the business as it evolves over time. What’s more, it should include the ability to make any necessary adjustments as quickly as possible.

Get the Most out of Advanced Technology

Voice-enabled technology can be applied to all departments and processes within your warehouse. It is something that is used by many as a cost-saving solution. The systems you could invest in are often easy and quick to install and do not need any extra IT or modifications. There is no need for in-depth training for these systems either. This means you will receive a better return on investment for this use of technology. However, it is important to ensure that you undertake due diligence as many applications differ from one another.

Is Third Party Fulfilment an Option?

There are many businesses who believe that they can do their own fulfilment cheaper and easier without the help of a third party. Don’t expect a third party to understand and be as passionate about what you are offering like your own employees would, as this could impact the service your clients receive.

However, going with a third party might be something to consider as it means that capital isn’t tied up in new facilities and systems. For smaller companies, third party fulfilment gives the business the opportunity to look in areas of the business that may be overlooked.


Remember, when you reduce warehouse costs to improve efficiency, keep looking at your processes and make improvements whenever necessary. This is to ensure you will get the absolute maximum from your warehouse operation.

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