Pallet Racking Inspections

Once you have pallet racking designed and installed by experts into your warehouse space, how often is someone delegated to check on it to make sure it is safe and free from damage by making pallet racking inspections?

Most of you probably are thinking hard right now as to who that could be within the business, with the answer being suddenly made apparent that it is no one. That means that potential damage is also overlooked and unreported. This would then result in a nasty surprise whenever those health and safety officials show up, or worse; tragedy happens.

In an ideal world, every company would have a regular racking inspection by a technically competent person that would be recorded. Independent inspections would also take place to present a report identifying all risks, misuses and damage and a proposal to get it fixed.

What does an Inspection Involve?

Pallet racking is generally manufactured from lightweight materials which means that every kind of racking has its limit when it comes to abuse.

The risk from the odd forklift incident can greatly reduce the load-bearing capacity and the reliability of its strength in support. To combat this the racking requires a regular circle of inspection to report on its safety and serviceability. As soon as any incident occurs, it needs to be reported by an employee and inspected instantly, using a system in place to log any incident for future reference. A formal written record would usually be composed following any inspection, with follow up inspections should the first inspection seem to indicate no immediate damage.

Ground-level investigations are the usual unless the damage has been done higher up in the structure. Falling product from a compromised pallet racking system is just as deadly as a full structure collapse, so accidents that occur higher should be treated as no less hazardous.

Actions Following Incident

If damage has occurred you will need to cordon off the area from your workforce, even if picking is required of products. Structural damage can cause instant problems and there is no telling how long the racking can withstand the pressure.

Even though just one section is damaged, it could lead to a full structure collapse if they are all connected causing considerable human risk. Operations should be considered in cautiously moving stock out of the area with as little human element as possible.

Naturally, the pallet racking will need to be replaced with a new system and an operational procedure should be implemented in order to safely work around the risk area, ensuring every employee not only understands the risk factor but also knows how to evacuate in the case of a collapse.

For all pallet racking inspections information and industrial storage racks requirements, contact the team at Monarch Shelving.

Racking or Shelving: Which Suits My Needs?

When evaluating your storage needs, every business is as different as the stock they are holding. In a lot of cases, the requirement of finding adequate shelving or racking solutions will fall onto one member of the company when setting up shop, and hopefully that person understands the differences in requirements.

If not, then the staff at Monarch Shelving are here to help you differentiate the requirements you have and find the perfect solution fit for your stock.

Finding the Right Solution

Naturally the selection of the right system can be confusing and yet devastating to time and productivity if you get it wrong, not to mention that budget.

It becomes necessary to ask a few important questions about your requirements before committing to a certain system between racking and shelving. Firstly it is all about how you will be stacking goods. If you are stacking via hand then a shelving system is your requirement, whereas pallet racking is required if a forklift is going to be the method you choose. Then the questions will branch out further.

If you are set on a racking system then you need to look at the dimensions of your pallets. If you are going the route of shelving then look at the environment in the shelving will be used in. Overall, for both, you are going to need to consider how heavy the goods that will be placed on them will be, as well as capacity.

From there you can break it down to the type of environment and what kind of product to utilise.

Shelving Areas

Different work environments need different shelving requirements, so it’s important you know which is better suited.

Office environments generally require lightweight shelving which is easy to put together. This can be smaller or taller units that will still require an even distribution of stock on shelves to avoid dipping over time. There are many different types of shelving solutions with office equipment in Manchester to choose from that are ideal for the task.

Stockrooms are another area for shelving requirements, which depends on the stock you are holding. This can come in the form of anything from simple storage boxes to more specialist products like chemicals that require more care in storage. Commercial shelving in this area also varies depending on the requirement.

When it comes to a warehouse situation the requirements can range from small product to heavy and bulky items and supplies. This requires a more heavy-duty product such as pallet racking or industrial storage racks in order to be more versatile in storage. Pallet racking can maintain larger volumes of weight but should not be overloaded in any instance, reducing the risk of pallet racking collapse.

Whatever your needs are, the team at Monarch Shelving are there to best advise and guide you on your requirements for top quality shelving solutions.

Preventing the Pallet Racking Collapse

The thought of having a full warehouse pallet rack collapse can be worrying, but the reality of it actually happening is horrifying and can result in devastating consequences.

It’s not just stock that is destroyed, but company equipment, productivity and in the worst-case scenario – death.

Naturally, that is the one thing you and your business does not want in any incident. The majority of pallet racking collapse incidents occur as a result of poor installation, overstock or poor quality racking. If these were caused due to cutting corners or costs, then you stand to be paying out way more than you ever would have wished to should everything go south, literally.

Many Risks

In truth, there are a great number of risks that a pallet racking collapse can provide, including to company time and reputation.

For starters, there is damage to stock which is majorly costly on its own. This will obviously need to be replaced which will cost plenty, but your manufacturing or orders will be held up due to the obstruction and unavailability which is going to cost a lot in loss during the period.

This is before we factor in any injuries to staff or visitors who may have fell victim to the collapse. Needless to say is severe in terms of not just compensation for injured workers, but larger for fatalities to families. Then there will also be fines if evidence of unsafe working environments is found from an investigation, leading to prosecution and the total eradication of your company standing, meaning your business may close as a result of stained reputation.

Naturally, this installs a need to make sure your pallet racking meets regulations and safety requirements. Accidents can happen from a number of sources though, so you should be aware of certain incidents that can occur and take precautions.

Prime Causes

Among the chief reasons for a pallet racking collapse is the unfortunate forklift truck collision.

As they operate chiefly around the racking areas, collisions become quite commonplace so it is best to ensure that adequate spacing is provided. Aisle space is the key for successful manoeuvres in the warehouse and reducing impact with racking substantially. There is after all a minimum aisle space guideline to follow, so make sure that it is adhered to at all times in all instances. You can also enable more safety measures in making sure that you install rack protection on end frames and corner columns, strengthening them with steel bolted reinforcement.

Overloading is your other main concern and it happens more often than you probably realise. Structural integrity is left wide open for risk by putting more on racking or adding a product that is more than it can realistically handle. Weight restrictions are not optional, and instability leading to an eventual collapse is a certainty.

For more information on warehouse storage equipment, talk to the professionals at Monarch Shelving for the best solutions to prevent warehouse pallet rack collapse and commercial shelving.

Safety in Item Picking from Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is undoubtedly an extremely useful installation in your warehouse operation, but it does come with consideration about how you access those items on your raking and whether you need commercial storage shelves.

Naturally if you use forklifts that is one thing – but what if your operation does not have access to that form of equipment. Forklifts can break down on occasion leaving you with a bit of a wait on those all-important orders. Obviously, that is a high-pressure moment.

Why not think of a good back up plan that doesn’t involve jeopardising your pallet racking structure or the health and safety of employees.

Don’t Reach Overhead

No matter what, the first rule of pick club is – Don’t grab it overhead if you have to.

Statistically, the highest volume of injuries around pallet racking comes from reaching above to retrieve an item that should not be reached for. It is the most simple rule to be taught but many still ignore the rule – resulting in many people becoming injured.

If it is a heavy item then it should always be kept to the floor level or a lower level of the pallet racking. If these items require movement then a pallet dolly or jack would be an ideal object to keep around to safely do the job.

Proper Sizing

Whilst not always an option, keeping pallets small helps a lot in keeping them mobile.

It’s always recommended to keep your heaviest items in the largest pallets which would require assistance to move them, and keep the rest of the pallets small to be picked and placed on trolleys if required. You may end up with more pallets on your shelves but it helps to keep injury risk to a minimum as well as keep things productive.


This should never have to be stated but there is always one instance where someone will attempt to climb the pallet racks to get a product, even if it is just a small one.

Generally, everyone in your workplace should know the rules in not climbing the racking, but when it comes to time someone will always try to cut a very dangerous corner here and there. Nobody should ever climb the racks for any size product, your commercial storage shelves should be set to a sufficient height.

When planning out your pallet racking it is best to think ahead for any circumstances that can hold up productivity, and find the right product for your size warehouse is of big consideration. Contact the team at Monarch Shelving today for the best options in quality pallet racking and commercial shelving.

Saving Space in the Workplace

As a business owner with a sizable warehouse operation, there are countless ways you can find yourself playing catch up on organising your business to get the most out of the space you can fill up by using different types of warehouse storage systems.

Whilst making the most of the space by getting as much out of it as possible is one way to go, there is also a consideration in reducing the amount of clutter you can build up at the same time.

Reduce the Scattering

In all offices, storerooms and warehouses you are bound to experience smaller products scattered across your shelving units.

Not only does this cause problems in trying to locate the product but also it is taking up valuable space that belongs to something else. One way to combat these scattered items is to box them, containing them in organised boxes as a way to retain the organisation you require to effectively process stock. Even the smallest item loose in a spot can make it feel congested.

Box up those little things into an organised containment option.

Stack Upwards

Your warehouse may have fully stacked aisles from wall to wall and still be struggling to house stock.

Items tend to double in size as the busier seasons roll upon us, but you can combat it by having your pallet racking move upwards. Expanding your pallet racking upwards provides an opportunity to take advantage of unused ceiling space so that you can add stock and stability to your operation without having to stack at the end of aisles.

Layout Organisation

As your company expands and grows in stature your floor space will undoubtedly start to decrease.

In order to be more efficient with your space, you may need to shift around your commercial shelving systems, possibly moving them from a central space to a walled occupancy. Shifting more bulkier products and supplies from one side of the room to its own area exclusively may also provide adequate spacing, reducing your cramped and inefficient working space.

Upgrade Solutions

As time has moved on so has the designs and streamlining potential of industrial storage racks.

There could be great potential in upgrading your current pallet racking to something that does not take up as much space in aisles and is reinforced to take on much more stock than you currently have.

For further options in warehouse storage equipment and office equipment Manchester to save space in your warehouse operations, contact the team at Monarch Shelving today for different types of warehouse storage systems.

What is Right for My Business: Shelving or Racking?

This may be the most common question that you will ask yourself when setting up your warehouse operations and the answers will open up even more questions because every workplace has different needs. Finding the perfect racking shelves for a warehouse can be a gamechanager!

Obviously, some workplaces have needs yours does not, and in order to better understand exactly what it is you require to suit your business you’re going to need to ask and answer your own set of questions also.

Avoiding Confusion

In order to ascertain exactly which type or storage system is required for your business needs you need to do a little individual research into yourself so you don’t get confused among the selections available.

Plenty can go wrong in making the wrong choice, affecting your budget and resources on choosing the wrong product. When starting to delve into your requirements a little further, there are a few key considerations in your thinking.

How will you be planning on stacking your goods plays the main part in your decision? If it is stacked by hand then you require commercial shelving and if it is stacked via pallet truck or forklift then you require pallet racking. It sounds quite simple but it is also simple to be confused about the choice.

If you are buying a pallet system then you need to look into the dimensions of your pallets, and if you go the shelving route then you need to think about the environment they are being used in and the kind of heavy goods you will be storing, especially when it comes to shelf capacity.

Office Environment

It also comes into question when considering what kind of office equipment in Manchester is required.

Generally, this would fall into light shelving requirements for filing lightweight items, which also helps if you choose one versatile enough to add an extra shelf or two if needs be. You will need to evenly distribute weight across these shelves to prevent them from dipping over time or suffering greater wear.

If you have a stock room in the requirement for shelving then the decision really relies on the kind of stock you have. It may be suitable for small storage boxes or industrial storage racks, so you need to understand exactly what you intend to have in the space to determine the best kind of solution.

Whatever kind of storage you require for your business there is plenty of scope for upgrading or downgrading depending on your stock levels. Contact the team at Monarch Shelving for all your needs when it comes to racking shelves for a warehouse.

The Most Common Pallet Racking Missteps

After you have made the important decision of choosing pallet racking for your business, you open yourself up to important mistakes that can happen before, during and after heavy duty pallet racking system implementation.

Hopefully, upon purchasing them, you have been alerted to them, but in some circumstances, you could be left alone with it with no warning. In truth, all mistakes can be avoided with simple advice upfront, so we have compiled a simple guide to some of the biggest and most common ones that occur.

Wrong Design

If you’ve not worked out the measurements and thought logistically of how these structures will operate within the space you’ve got, then your workflow is the victim.

It may sound like a ridiculous mistake to make but it happens much more than you would believe. It could be a decision left with someone not fully clued into what is required and simply went for the cheapest option online. Not only that but they could not be aware of the difference in benefits and advantages of different systems based on what products you store. Be sure to talk with a professional if there is uncertainty about which pallet racking is right for your needs.

The Time Test

No matter what size your business is you have plans for it to grow and expand, and that is why you need to have that as a focus of your pallet racking purchase.

Having racking that allows for future growth and accommodates for the shift in your company needs provides a suitable backdrop that does not interrupt workflow whilst change is undergoing.

Know Your Loads

Having the right equipment is also about knowing our exact load requirements.

Although you may feel this is common sense, a lot of industrial accidents occur due to overloading or stocking products that far outweighs the requirement. Simply underestimating or overestimating your storage solutions can have an impact on health and safety and also on financial losses, as well as working time due to aisles being off-limits due to accident or deemed a risk by health and safety officials.

Existing Equipment

Another overlooked area is that forklift and picking equipment may not adequately match up to the pallet racking width.

This may also then require further purchases of new machinery which would be an unnecessary cost if you had taken the time to document the required width and height of both. Having a forklift that cannot french the top is one thing, but one that cannot even load and unload is also plenty of egg on the face that can be avoided.

When choosing pallet racking, commercial shelving and warehouse storage equipment in general, you need to be sure that what you choose is the right fit in more ways than one. If in doubt of your requirements, contact the team at Monarch Shelving for every type of heavy duty pallet racking system your warehouse could ever need.

Ecommerce Needs Your Space

The momentous surge in demand and sales of pallet racking is a direct result of the increase of online purchases since this time last year when the pandemic took hold of the planet, with more and more businesses looking for warehouse storage ideas.

The Fallout From the Pandemic

The overall toll on high street retail outlets and the subsequent stop-start towards opening and closing the stores caused customers to direct their attention solely on online outlets such as Amazon at a rate unseen previously, especially during the festive season.

2020 was possibly the most devastating year for high street retailers, with 16,000 stores closing their doors over a 9 month period alone. This resulted in a lot of forward-thinking businesses to implement fast online retail facilities for their customers and the brands they sell. Since then, shopping on a handheld device has become instinctual and the shift in focus to an easier form of purchase has made warehouses reevaluate their processes to deal with it.

Estimation for the Years Ahead

More and more companies are finding themselves needing extra space and in some situations opening more warehouse facilities, extending their distribution space and struggling to keep up with the demand in their current environment.

As the continued rise in demand is not stopping, it is estimated that in 3 years time the UK eCommerce market will require an additional 92 million square feet of space for storage alone. This demand will require a wider range of pallet racking to support the supply chain.

This also calls for a full analysis of current product demands and storage in order to properly meet the requirement for racking.

Looking at your Setup

By discovering the exact requirements that your pallet racking will need, you stand a much better chance for company growth and future needs. This means that simple off the shelf solutions may not be the best option, and getting advice on the best and most durable forms of industrial storage racks provides a solution that can meet the expectations of your business and your customers.

This also will require an overlook of your current racking systems in place. If they stand as not meeting the requirement then you could look at slimmer models or building upwards, eliminating space that is saved for stock that is not always in demand.

Finding the Right Product to Provide for the Market

At Monarch Shelving we look to provide stability for the future of the warehouse and distribution demands through pallet racking, warehouse storage equipment and commercial shelving.

If you are a business looking to keep up with demand then call our team today for the best options in warehouse storage ideas.

Re-Evaluating your Pallet Racking Layout

When it comes to better warehouse storage equipment there is no better option on the marketplace than pallet racking. However, there could be problems if your overall pallet racking layout is not up to scratch.

It may be difficult to pinpoint if it is wrong but not so difficult to fix, just requiring some thought and planning in order to maximise it to a more efficient level.

Spend Time Looking Things Over

The best way to understand your storage space and it’s potential is to spend a full day overlooking how your product is being shifted around the warehouse.

In the most positive situations, all your product should be flowing forwards and in one direction. If there are areas that are experiencing momentum in a back and forth motion then it could be a large waste of time and energy, affecting your overall efficiency and worse; increasing risk to stock and staff.

Taking note of if your aisles are currently wide enough will be able to help with your next steps

Think Upwards

Naturally, a lot of warehouses waste space by not thinking vertically.

There is a lot of potential space above your racking that is not being utilised, so the potential of adding a mezzanine level in order to build upwards provides valuable space instead of thinking outwards. Even if it is not at the current level where your stock requires this extra space, it is a valuable solution for those busy periods of the year that can eliminate stocking at the end of aisles and causing disruption.

It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Identify Obstacles

Before instigating a change to your pallet racking layout, be sure to take all the small things into effect.

Low hanging pipes and columns may have played a hand in the original layout, even if it was before you came into the company. If you have old layout diagrams, take a good look at how they were instigated and why, and evaluate what current options can play against anything that prevented them from building around them back then.

Look Into More Sleek Storage OptionsP

Maybe your old pallet racking is bulky, outdated and not fit for the task anymore.

This could be the ideal time to upgrade to a more sleek and contemporary model that provides some extra aisle space and reinforced for building upwards. By overlooking the comparables with commercial shelving and industrial storage racks currently on the market you may be saving yourself space outwards and upwards.

Contact the team at Monarch Shelving for the best in warehouse storage solutions and pallet racking layout options.

Efficiency Within the Workplace for 2021

What is the 2021 goal for your company? Does it lean towards profitability or more towards efficiency? Is it wrong to want better for both? Are you in need of small warehouse storage solutions this year?

In truth, there are several ways to go about achieving both at the same time by evaluating and amending the following areas.

Correct Metrics

When looking at the long term, having the right metrics is the best way to start.

This can be overlooking the correct shipping costs and the measuring of those critical business KPIs, but your company operations stand to be much better if you have a grasp of the right numbers. This also presents you with closer attention to changes required for your warehouse.

Overhauling Warehouse Storage

As online shopping has taken over the marketplace in 2020 and 2021, warehouses are becoming bombarded with the increasing demand for a wider variety of products and seeing their inventory rapidly increase.

Taking into account these extra business avenues could be challenging, but optimising your warehouse with extra industrial storage racks and eliminating outdated bulky racking will improve overall efficiency and meet the expectations.

By looking over newer pallet racking and commercial shelving units designed with space in mind and taking into account alternating aisles in place of two-way aisles, you will be able to free up warehouse space and improve picking and productivity in the workplace.


Many people fear that bringing automated technology to a warehouse is about replacing people with robots, but in fact, the best business owners have seen it as a way of reducing mundane manual jobs and finding more productive jobs for those employees to do, especially in growing the business.

Many business owners have found ways to transplant workers into newly created divisions which have boosted the morale of employees who have grown bored of every day monotonous workload. This has proven to grow the business and make employees more productive in the short and long term.

Also, having automated robots do the workload greatly reduces workplace accidents and avoids pallet racking collapse or picking mishaps.

These are just a few alternatives you can make to your workplace strategy for 2021 to boost productivity and company growth, focusing on efficiency and profitability at the same time. By implementing new warehouse storage equipment you can ensure that you are suitably prepared for the changes you put in motion to boost your business. Contact the team at Monarch Shelving today to provide your business with the best shelving and small warehouse storage solutions.

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